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Welcome to the Write For Us section of My Review Plugin, where we discuss all major topics such as Celebrities news, Dating, and Entertainment. Want to reach a large audience with your writing? Do you believe the 7Cs need to modify something? Letters to the editor and guest opinion pieces are both gratefully accepted by My Review Plugin.

We warmly welcome talented authors who deliver outstanding articles on the selected topics. What are you still holding out for? Contact us right now!

My Review Plugin opinion editors are ready to offer assistance during the writing process and develop ideas for guest opinion pieces if you have an idea but don’t know where to begin. Additionally, editors will help authors to guarantee that submissions adhere to AP and My Review Plugin requirements.

Want To Write For Us?

Usually, through a more collaborative process involving back-and-forth contact, guest opinions pieces are structured arguments concerning a particular subject or topic (for example, a school’s policy change), typically 600–800 words long, and are published after being checked by My Review Plugin opinions editors.

Our Submission Guidelines!

  • We only promote original content. Offer only original stuff and don’t replicate anything. Ensure that any photographs you use in your article follow the ‘720×400’ specifications and are real.
  • The article that is submitted must be at least 1000 words long.
  • There is no restriction on how long an article can be.
  • You must cite all reliable and respected sources in any writings that include figures or facts.

Our Publication Guidelines!

Please be specific about which group members worked together on the essay if you want to contribute writing that was co-authored by several persons. My Review Plugin does not publish anonymous opinion pieces in accordance with journalistic conventions.

My Review Plugin asks that guest writer refrain from submitting their work to other media, both on and off the campuses of the Claremont Colleges, without the editorial board’s express permission.

My Review Plugin additionally has the right to edit or modify guest contributions in accordance with style and grammar rules. In this procedure, editors and writers will work together. but it does not take down guest posts from the website.

Topics to Choose from Before Writing Article for My Review Plugin

As a news website, you may submit articles on any subject, from home improvement to the arts, from technology to the automobile industry, from apps to games, and so forth…!

However, if you want to see the primary areas on which we concentrate our efforts:

  • Technology
  • Gaming
  • Top Trends
  • Travel
  • Tv Shows, Web Series
  • Health
  • News
  • Fashion
  • Gossips
  • Entertainment, And so on…

What To Avoid?

  • Avoid images that include a brand, logo, or external links.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Avoid including an excessive number of links in your blog post.
  • No portion of this article should be copied from another website.
  • Avoid including inaccuracies in your facts.
  • Avoid making grammatical errors.

For all Guest Post-related inquiries, please contact us at our official email id: myreviewplugin.com@gmail.com