Using the Duo Mobile App, Access Your NYCHHC Webmail Account – Latest Update in 2022

NYCHHC Webmail, a email system, allows you to manage your email account and other NYHHC data. You’ll need to register an account to use the NYHHC email and other services that let you manage your work remotely.

Https://Webmail.Nychhc.Org (Webmail.Nychhc.Org Login)

The official webmail URL is, which takes you to a NYCHHC Webmail login page powered by Outlook OWA (Outlook web app).

You may access NYHHC Outlook OWA, a cloud-based version of Microsoft Outlook, using a web browser. To log in to the New York Health and Hospitals Corporation Outlook account using this URL (, you’ll need your webmail account email address and password.

Using the Duo Mobile App, Access Your NYCHHC Webmail Account - Latest Update in 2022

Login to NYCHHC’s Webmail

Getting To The NYCHHC Webmail Login Using A Web Browser

The log-in page will open in a web browser if you follow these easy instructions.

  1. The owa URL ( may be accessed using a web browser such as Chrome or Mozilla.
  2. Second, log in to your account using your NYCHHC login email address (e.g., and password. If you need these login credentials, please contact the NYCHHC’s technical team.
  3. By selecting Sign In, you may now access your Outlook-based email account.

Note: Because the NYCHHC webmail system is built on Outlook, you may use your own computer or smartphone to use the webmail service. All you need to do is install Microsoft Office on your computer to use the Outlook application and set up your NYHHC webmail login information.

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Email Configuration for NYCHHC

To utilize NYCHHC webmail on your computer or smartphone using the Outlook app, there are a few steps to follow. The steps below will help you set up New York City Outlook webmail and mobile Outlook applications.

Using the Duo Mobile App, Access Your NYCHHC Webmail Account - Latest Update in 2022

Using the Outlook App to Access the NYCHHC Webmail

Following these steps will allow you to access your NYCHHC webmail using Outlook software.

  1. Open the File menu and click Add Account to add a new account to your Outlook app. (If you don’t already have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, go to and get it.)
  2. It will take you to a screen where you must choose Email Account and double-enter your name, NYCHHC email address, and password before clicking Next.
  3. If all the information is entered properly, all emails will show up in your webmail account inbox within minutes.

Webmail for NYCHHC on Android

Follow these easy steps to use NYCHHC webmail on your Android phone.

  1. Navigate to the Accounts tab in the Settings menu.
  2. To create a new account, click the “Add Account” option.
  3. When establishing a new account, choose “Exchange” as your account type.
  4. Fill out the form with the information below.

Email: This is the email address linked with your membership with the NYCHHC.
Password: Make sure your password is accurate.
Username: Enter the username you’d like to use.

5. HHC – Domain

6. Select “Use a secure connection” from the drop-down menu.

7. Wait for the changes to take effect.

8. In a couple of seconds, your account will be authorized.

Help with Outlook Webmail Login at NYCHHC

Open a browser on your smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer to get started. It’s worth noting, though, that you’ll need to make some changes to your browser’s settings.

Using the Duo Mobile App, Access Your NYCHHC Webmail Account - Latest Update in 2022

If scripts aren’t functioning in your browser, go to the settings and enable them. The ability to run scripts in a web browser is determined by the web browser you have installed on your computer. However, different browsers provide different options.

To get the most out of the NYCHHC webmail, make sure you’re using a browser that supports JavaScript.

If you’re having trouble, check your browser’s help section for instructions on how to allow a browser to run scripts, and then follow them.

To log in to your account, go to percent 3a percent 2f percent percent percent 2fowa percent 2f or click Enter on your keyboard.

The sign-in forms for your NYCHHC Webmail Outlook account may be found in the centre of your screen. There are boxes for entering an email address and a password.

This form should be filled up using your Outlook web app registered email address. Check that you used the correct email address before sending the message.

Whether you’re having trouble using NYCHHC webmail or web outlook, check to verify if your email and password are correct; if they are, you may need to re-enter the information to get back in.

  1. If you’ve forgotten your login credentials, use the “Forgot Password” option. This link will allow you to change your password.
  2. It’s possible that the issue is with your account rather than your password. Therefore, call the NYCHHC webmail outlook and ask for help from the customer support desk.

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For NYCH+H, there is a Connect Login System

Because the webmail login system for New York City Health and Hospitals (NYCHHC) was recently upgraded, you’ll need to utilize a new way to access your NYCHHC account.

As a consequence, NYCHHC has replaced its cloud-based, Outlook-based webmail login with a two-factor authentication system based on an app to access emails and other account amenities such as account management.

Employees and supervisors at the NYCHHC now have access to personal information such as their home address, mobile phone number, emergency contact phone numbers, and more via their NYCHHC email services.

To access the new NYCHHC webmail system, utilize NYCHHC Connect. The Remote Desktop Portal, a new account login method, allows NYCHHC Connect (NYC Health+Hospitals) employees and managers to manage their account data and work remotely.

Let’s look at how you may access webmail and other services with NYCHHC Connect.

You may log in to NYCHHC via NYCHHC Connect

For the time being, you’ll need a smartphone to authenticate your login to NYCHHC webmail.

Using the Duo Mobile App, Access Your NYCHHC Webmail Account - Latest Update in 2022

A user must be approved every time they log in to NYCHHC. To use the service, you need to have the Duo Mobile App on your smartphone.

Duo’s mobile app setup instructions may be found here.

Follow these steps to install and set up the Duo Mobile App on your smartphone.

  1. Install the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device after downloading it.
  2. Open the Duo Mobile app after installation and tap the “GET STARTED” icon in the upper-right corner.
  3. Please give the Duo Mobile App permission to shoot photos and videos. Then choose ALLOW.
  4. Allow two mobile applications to be used at the same time.

When asked, choose Duo Security from the list of available accounts.

With your Duo Mobile app, you can now utilize two-factor authentication.

Note: You must first register your Duo Mobile app in order to ensure its security. Simply follow the steps given below to connect your Duo Mobile app to your NYC H+H account.

How Do You Download And Set Up The Duo Mobile App on Your iPhone?

  1. Follow these steps to get started with the Duo Mobile App.
  2. Check out the linked link to get Duo Mobile for iPhone on your smartphone.
  3. After you’ve installed and activated the Duo Mobile App, open it.
  4. To give the notification permission, click Allow.
  5. Choose to Create a New Account from the drop-down menu and follow the on-screen steps.
  6. After that, click OK to give the camera permission to access your computer.

When you’re finished, go to Duo Security.

Use the Duo Mobile App to activate your NYCH+H account.

Using the Duo Mobile App, Access Your NYCHHC Webmail Account - Latest Update in 2022

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to while connected to the New York City Health + Hospital network.
  2. Enter your NYC H+H login and password in the appropriate boxes. After that, click “Login.”

If you encounter the message “Please contact the DUO Administrator” while attempting to access DUO, you should contact the Enterprise Service Desk.

3. Choose “Start setup” from the drop-down menu.

4. Begin the process of putting everything together.

5. Next, choose the sort of item you desire, such as a cell phone.

6. In the empty section, enter the phone number of your mobile device and tick the box next to it.

7. Choose the sort of device you’re working with the Duo Mobile app (Read and follow the directions on the screen to install Duo Mobile for Android)

8. Using the Duo Mobile app, scan the barcode shown on the screen (read the instructions on the left of the barcode for more details).

9. To complete the installation, click Finish.

10. Follow the on-screen directions to finish the setup.

Enrolment for this semester is now closed.

There will be no further registrations.

You must have successfully installed and registered DUO Mobile to get the passcode in order to log in to NYCH+H.

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Logging Into NYCHHC Webmail With The Duo Mobile App

Simply follow these procedures to get access to your NYCHHC account:

  1. To get started, go to in your browser.
  2. Enter the user ID and password for your company.
  3. “Sign in” is the option to choose. The authentication page for Duo will appear.
  4. If you choose to get the Duo login notice on your phone, it will appear there.
  5. In the next box, type in your phone number. Whether you choose an iPhone, an Android phone, or a Windows phone, it’s all up to you.
  6. You’ll see a barcode appear on your computer screen, which you’ll need to scan using the Duo app on your smartphone.
  7. On the new page that comes after you’ve scanned the barcode, pick “Ask me about authentication” from the drop-down box under “When I log in.”
  8. Select your desired mode of authentication from Duo Push, Call Me, or Passcode.
  9. Select Passcode and then put in your password before pressing Verify.
  10. Congratulations! Duo App has now finished the MFA procedure for you.

After completing the login procedure, you may now access your NYCHHC email and other services.

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