Nicoobook.Net Is It a Suspicious Domain Or Not? – Latest Update in 2022

The mail domain is invalid due to missing MX Records. If an email sent to this domain is not correctly inboxed, it will bounce.

Invalid email addresses have been found on this domain by IPQS email validation algorithms. They are likely to be used for abuse and fraud.

IPQS is quite certain that this domain is being used for unlawful purposes, such as fraud. The users of this site should be handled with caution.

With a Simple API, You Can Lookup Domains, IP Addresses, and Emails


To receive more accurate results and increase your email reputation score, please create a free account. If you suspect an email from this domain is suspect, please use our free email address checker to do more research.

Detect phishing, fake accounts, bad content, and even payment fraud more quickly.

Use a simple API call to analyze the risk level of an email address or domain to prevent fraudulent accounts and screen users in real-time. Scammers and malicious bots will be put off by a simple check when they sign up or check out.

IPQS’s largest honeypot threat network, which has over 5,000 active traps throughout the world, is used for accurate domain reputation lookups.

Real-time detection of emerging threats and abuse patterns Using a basic domain reputation score, you can discover names that are regularly used for SPAM and abusive behavior.

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Domain Reputation API

Hazardous URLs and domain reputation API lookups can help you find out about domain age, phishing, and malware as well as parked domains, spam emails, and other suspicious activities.

Domain reputation API lookups provide real-time data with quick response times. Use trustworthy domain analysis to connect your backend with business logic.

How Can I Find Out What a Domain’s Risk Score Is?


Please type the mail server domain you wish to verify in the search box above to see the domain risk score and threat analysis.

This free domain search tool will quickly look into a domain to see if it has been used for anything bad, like fraud, abuse, malware, phishing, or other bad things.

IPQS looks at domain threat data from all over our network, based on hundreds of millions of transactions and a lot of live reporting from our clients.

You may also check the domain’s IP reputation to see whether it’s in good shape, which might assist in explaining domain reputation issues.

What Are the Advantages of Performing a Domain Reputation Analysis?

Mail domains are an excellent tool to quickly assess the reputation of an email account. Disposable and high-risk email service providers are prone to generating fake or duplicate accounts.

These domains’ user registrations should be flagged as completely fake, and a sophisticated API should be enabled for real-time account signup screening.

A lot of features are available in IPQS that can help you find bot traffic and fake sign-ups, as well as a full check of an email’s history.

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What Is the Best Way to Confirm an Individual’s Email Address?

With IPQS’ free email verification, you can easily verify whether an email address is real and learn more about the inbox and deliverability.

If an email address is healthy, this check looks at things like how long it has been since it was first registered and how long it has been since the IPQS threat network first noticed it.

Additional risk analysis data points make it easier to figure out how good an email address and its associated mail domain are.

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Is Email Deliverability Affected by Domain Reputation?


Absolutely. Domain reputation is used by all major mail service providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, AOL, and many others, to tell if a message is a spam.

in addition to abusive senders

If you’re not sure if the reputation of your email domain is harming your email deliverability, do a free email SPAM check to determine if there are any issues.

To check the health of your domain, we recommend using the search tool above. Cleaning email lists every 6–12 months, especially for older subscribers, may dramatically improve domain reputation.

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