Kicker Justin Tucker of the Baltimore Ravens established an NFL field-goal record on Sunday, connecting on a field goal from 66 yards out – over 200 feet away. After hitting the crossbar and rebounding through the goal, the Detroit Lions were defeated 19-17 by the New York Giants with time running out on the clock.

Tucker said that he was happy that the game was over in a post-game news conference before he answered any questions.

In response to the reminder that he had previously made the winning field goal against the Lions earlier in his career, he grinned and stated, “It was a long time ago.” “Detroit is one of my favorite cities. I’m thinking about renting a house in this neighborhood.

NFL66: In the NFL, Justin Tucker Kicks a Field Goal From 66 Yards Out, Which Sets a New Record (2022)

Tucker’s accomplishment brought the story to a close. One minute earlier, the Lions seemed to be on their way to their first victory of the season after rallying from a 16-16 tie to grab a 17-16 lead. A fourth-and-19 pass play was successfully completed by the Ravens, and Tucker found himself standing just beyond the Ravens’ 40-yard line, several yards behind the holder and with his right foot poised to make a play that would decide the game.

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Tucker made some tweaks to his typical practice as he faced the prospect of winning an NFL game from an unprecedented distance. He aimed to hurl himself at the ball more fiercely—and from a greater distance—in order to add more force to his kick. He claimed to have taken an additional stride or two back.

According to Tucker, “it’s something I’ve really begun doing within the past year.” “With my age of 31 years old, I’m becoming more and more of a dinosaur in this league. I have to do all I can to make the ball go just a little bit farther. “

Tucker changed how he ran and how he walked in order to reach the record distance.

The player said that instead of landing on his plant foot, he “essentially kicks the ball off like it’s a kickoff, so I land on my kicking foot,” noting that photographs of him would likely seem to show he was on the verge of falling over owing to his speed.

NFL66: In the NFL, Justin Tucker Kicks a Field Goal From 66 Yards Out, Which Sets a New Record (2022)

Tucker said that he had missed field goals in both directions from 65 yards out during pre-game practice sessions.

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We were fortunate in that we discovered an additional yard and a half that I had not seen three hours earlier. And for that, I’m thankful to you.