What Is Yandex Zen? How Does it Work?

Yandex Zen is a relatively new content posting and reading recommendation service. Each user’s feed is determined by what he reads, what he likes, and what he comments on. The feed’s large audience and user-friendly display make it an exciting marketing tool that enables the promotion and creation of content on issues relevant to the target audience.

The service feed is displayed on the main page of the Yandex search engine or in the Yandex Browser if you scroll down a bit. You can access it at zen.yandex.com, where you can also log in to your account. This is how the recommendation tape operates:

Yandex’s algorithms analyze every user action, the results of their searches on the Internet, the pages they visit – it’s not a secret to anyone, Based on what a person is looking for, the Zen feed shows them publications on a specific topic, Then the algorithm learns depending on the actions of users and their reactions to a particular topic.

Yandex Zen functions similarly for authors: after publishing, the service evaluates the article’s topic, tags it, and begins recommending it to users with similar interests.

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How Does it Work?

This platform has two sides: authors and readers. Authors include brands, media, online periodicals, bloggers, and aspiring authors with a channel. Internet users who access the service and see publications are readers. Zen connects authors with readers by recommending each other based on their respective preferences. For instance, he offers housewives articles about gourmet recipes and vehicle aficionados articles about car maintenance. The authors have no control over the robot; they can only produce high-quality items while the impression counter spins.



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