Top 10 Zaxbys.Com Competitors

When it comes to online ordering, there are a lot of options out there. But which one is the right fit for you? To help make your decision a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 competitors. Compare their features, pricing, and more to find the right fit for your business.

What is Zaxbys?

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Zaxbys is a restaurant chain with more than 900 locations across the United States. The company specializes in chicken wings, buffalo chicken dip, and other assorted appetizers. Zaxbys also offers made-to-order burgers and sandwiches. In addition to its food items, Zaxbys offers a variety of drink options, including beer, wine, and mixed drinks. The company was founded in 1987 by brothers Wally and Skip Rhodes.

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History of Zaxbys

Zaxbys - Company History (Portion) - YouTube

Zaxbys is a restaurant chain that originated in the United States. The first Zaxbys restaurant was opened in Memphis, Tennessee in 1971 by brothers Ronnie and Donnie Zaxby. The name “Zaxby” is a combination of their last names. Today, there are over 1,000 restaurants across the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The menu features chicken wings, foot-long hot dogs, curly fries, onion rings, and soft drinks. The chain has also expanded to include catering services and a variety of other food items such as pizza and burgers. In 2006, Zaxbys bought out rival chicken wing chain Wingstop for $128 million.

In 2012, Zaxbys made headlines when they were accused of racism after it was discovered that their commercials featured black people only as characters who served fried chicken or mozzarella sticks to white people. Some critics argued that this type of advertising perpetuated the stereotype that black people are better at serving food than white people are. However, the company responded by saying that they had not intentionally chosen to use only black characters in their ads and claimed that their customers were wo

Menu Items at Zaxbys

ZAXBY'S, Crossville - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor

Zaxby’s is a leading chicken finger and submarine sandwich chain with more than 1,000 restaurants across the U.S. The company has a wide variety of menu items, including specialty sandwiches, sides, and desserts.

Some of the most popular menu items at Zaxbys include the chicken fingers sandwich, the submarine sandwich, and the buffalo chicken wrap. The chicken fingers sandwich features breaded chicken fingers piled high on a toasted bun with sauce and cheese. The submarine sandwich is made with fried seafood served on a toasted bun with mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions. The buffalo chicken wrap features Buffalo Chicken tenders wrapped in tortilla bread with lettuce, tomato, onion, and choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing.

Zaxbys also offers a variety of sides such as french fries, onion rings, cole slaw, BBQ sauce (pepper or original), and more. For dessert, Zaxbys offers shakes (vanilla or chocolate) and pies (chocolate cream or key lime).

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Prices at Zaxbys

Prices at Zaxbys vary depending on the product, location, and time of day. In general, most products cost less at Zaxbys than their competitors. While some items are more expensive at Zaxbys, the overall price point is lower than at many other stores. You can save even more by combining discounts and coupons with your purchase.

Customer Service at Zaxbys is a popular online retailer of chicken and seafood. They offer a wide variety of products, including fresh chicken and seafood, pre-packaged meals, and frozen food. Customers can order food online or in store.

Zaxbys’ customer service is excellent. Their team members are knowledgeable about the products they sell and are willing to help customers find what they’re looking for. If there is anything wrong with an order, Zaxbys’ team members will do their best to correct the situation. In addition to customer service, Zaxbys also offers a number of other amenities, such as free delivery on orders over $35, discounts on larger orders, and free returns policy.

Menu Options for Vegetarians and Vegans

Zaxbys offers vegetarian and vegan menu options that are both varied and delicious. The restaurant offers a variety of salads, wraps, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and desserts that can all be made without meat or animal products. All of the dishes are made with fresh ingredients to ensure that they are pleasing to the senses.

The restaurant also provides soy milk for those who want to enjoy a vegetarian or vegan meal without having to worry about dairy products. There is even a separate section on the menu for gluten-free customers who need alternatives to breads and pasta.

Zaxbys has something for everyone who wants to enjoy a meal without any animal products involved. The variety of dishes andoptions available make it easy for vegetarians and vegans to find something that they will enjoy.

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Menu Options for Children

For families with children, provides a variety of menu options to choose from. The site offers a kids’ section that has food choices geared specifically towards young children, including items such as chicken nuggets, pizza, cookies and cake. There is also a section for parents to order for their kids without any fuss. In addition to this, offers family packs that include food for four people. These packs are perfect for when the whole family wants to order together and save money at the same time.


Since became a leading online destination for fast food lovers, it has been tough for its competitors to catch up. While there are a few noteworthy players out there, the market is largely dominated by If you’re looking to take on the chain and break into this highly competitive industry, it’ll likely require a different approach than what most of these companies are using.

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