YTS Proxy: List of YTS Proxies and know more about it

YTS is probably one of the most famous torrenting sites for downloading Hollywood movies and has been used by thousands of people for a long period of time. YTS has been here for a long period of time but recently due to piracy issues the site has been banned in various countries. As the site allows for free download of movies without the authorization of the production company, the service is illegal.

 Due to this reason, the site has been banned and taken down in various countries. Many users are still searching for proxy sites for YTS. IN this article we are going to look at the proxy sites that are available for YTS, a list of proxy sites, and what are some good alternatives for YTS. 

Why is YTS liked by so many people?

Many people around the world are still trying to get access to YTS proxy sites despite having many other alternatives so the first question that comes to our mind is why is YTS so famous and liked by so many people? There are two reasons why people love YTS and are still looking for a YTS proxy. 

YTS provides a high-quality movie download option. High-quality in the sense 720p, 1080p,2K, and for some movies even 4K options are available. For 3D movies 3D download options are available. No other site in the entirety of the internet has managed to provide such quality download options.

Another reason is its huge library and the user interface. All of their recent uploads and movies are on the homepage along with trending and upcoming torrents. On their directory page, you can view all of their movies. Each and every movie’s rating will be on the page along with actors, directors, and even audience reviews! The interface almost feels like a professional one with a fantastic experience and look.

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List of YTS proxies:

Here is the list of YTS proxies through which you can access YTS. In case you are not able then try using a VPN to gain wider access.

YIFY Torrent Proxy







Are YTS sites and proxy sites safe?

So far there haven’t been any complaints of the YTS site not being safe or no one has been arrested for downloading movies from YTS. So it is safe to say that YTS is a pretty safe site and you will not have any problem if you decide to download movies from the site. Although it is highly recommended to use a VPN so that you can easier access it.

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What are some good alternatives for YTS?

These are some of the best alternatives for YTS in case you are not able to use the YTS proxy.


This has to be the most famous torrent site for sure because it has been used by thousands of people, tens and thousands, and has been running for a long period of time. PirateBay knew that problems would arise regarding piracy issues and they have been using proxy sites continuously for years to tackle this problem. This is a huge advantage because the users are already familiar with the proxy sites. The best part is that you can not only download movies but also TV shows, documentaries, software, and more!

KAT torrents:

KAT torrents is once again a well-known torrent site that has been there for years. Similar to Piratebay, KAT torrents too uses proxy and has been using it for a long period of time due to which their site hasn’t been taken down yet. KAT torrents have a great interface and are user-friendly with various links available to download, including magnet links. 


Rarbg is a relatively new torrent like YTS but has become quite famous, once like YTS. Rarbg is underrated though, compared to YTS and other torrent sites Rarbg is not used that often but has a wide range of collections and links for download. 

Lime torrent

Lime torrent is one of the oldest torrent sites of all time, it has been around since the days of Torrentz. Lime torrent is once again an underrated one but it is understandable as their interfacer is poor but still it has a good library of links from which you can download various movies, TV shows, and software.


YTS is an amazing torrent site with an attractive interface and various download options making this every user’s first choice torrent site. All available YTS proxy sites have been mentioned in the article and you can use them. It is highly recommended to use a VPN before accessing any of those YTS proxy sites to gain wider access. Also, an antivirus would keep you safe from attacks. 

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