“Your device isn’t compatible with this version” error and how to fix it?

When you are installing any of the applications through the Play Store, did you ever faced these problem like Your device isn’t compatible with this version

Your device isn't compatible with this version

It does not need any of the root access or faking apps, it happens mainly for android users when their applications get updated frequently and not for iOS users because of the smartphone itself.

Some other reasons for this error are some applications have limited access in some countries and few applications work only in the latest version of the devices.

Sometime it is also said by google play store your device isn’t compatible

Method 1 to fix Your device isn’t compatible with this version

The first step you have to do is just going to your phone settings then the app manager and find the app Google Play Store. After that, click on Storage and clear all caches and data for this app. This is done so that this application no longer recognizes the version of our phone and the number created and this application now restarts automatically. Now open the Play Store again and search for an app of your choice and remove this problem. This problem occurs when the application in the Play Store is out of date or the current version of your phone.

Method 2 to fix Your device isn’t compatible with this version

Before moving on to the second method, you need to find your mobile device version in the settings, just go to the settings and then the phone information and click the software details and you can see your Android version, for example, 9.0, by touching it.

You will see that your version is, for example, nougat, for this step just think of your Android version and go to one of the Internet browsers and without depending on your Play Store for incompatible applications, find the favorite applications of your choice in your Google search for now. example Divide it together with your smartphone version into numbers or words plus a start and go to the first link that appears and make sure the website has an HTTPS block for a secure download and has the required application see which one is compatible with the version of your smartphone. 

android versions

 Now just click on Download and select the upgrade version and you will see the download start. After the download is complete, you can install the application as usual without any further problems. 


Method 3 to fix Your device isn’t compatible with this version

Another method is: Go to play store, you will see three lines in the left corner, tap on that then go to settings, scroll down to the end. Under “About” you will see the play store version, tap on that. If your play store version is not updated then it will start updating, so you just have to wait till it will get updated.

If your play Store is already updated then you will see on-screen “Google Play Store is up to date”.

system is up to date

Another solution to solve this issue is Go to settings, select about the phone, then go to system update, check if there is any update, if it is there then update it to the latest version.

Method 4 to fix Your device isn’t compatible with this version

In this method you have to go to the app info of Play Store, simply go to settings, then select apps, then click on manage apps and search Google Play Store in that and it will show its app info. Then go to storage, and then tap on clear data and clear cache. Basically, you have to clear its cache data. Then try opening your application in the Play Store and you will see the issue is solved.

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Method 5 to fix Your device isn’t compatible with this version

Open any browser. Type the application name which is not compatible with your device in the search bar for example Whatsapp’s new version. To check your Android version, go to Settings and then About Phone and you will see your Android version there. Add “Apk pure” in the search bar while searching for the application. Open the first result shown and download whatever application you want in the Apk version.

Certain devices will, unfortunately, give you this error message or the application will simply not appear when searched. For example, open the browser and search “Play Store Netflix” and it will show “your device is not compatible with this version”.

Method 6 to fix Your device isn’t compatible with this version

Open up the play store, lets type in Netflix but you will observe there is no Netflix and you will see some related and unrelated applications. To solve this problem you have to sideload it or manually install the application.

When loading the page, make sure the Unknown Sources setting is enabled. Open any browser, go to this site:  upgrades.montrealandroidtv.com

You will see a “Click here for the report” option, select that, and go to the android folder. Once in the android folder you will see three Netflix files unfortunately because there are thousands of android devices, three potential versions can work with your device, so you may have to try one or all three in order to successfully complete the installation.

It is simple to click on Netflix one, two, or three. At the top of the screen, you should see the installation notification. Drag down the menu and click a file or install via file manager.


Once completed click on the file, click install, click open and if it works you should be able to sign in. If not, uninstall and start over again.

To uninstall, you just need to go to the settings then apps, and then click the Netflix app and uninstall. Press “OK” two times.

Method 7 to fix Your device isn’t compatible with this version

Search any application in the browser and it will redirect you to the Play Store. It will show the issue “your device is not compatible with this version”,  so to fix that you need to install some more apps  like:

1. Apkpure

2. SDK reader

3. Apk editor

First, install the app from Apk pure, and if that does not work and says there is a problem pressing this packet. In order to fix that go to SDK reader, open SDK reader, and remember the number version and API level. Go to apk editor and choose the first option called “choose an apk file and it will redirect you to your downloads so select any application you want to download on your android device, tap on common edit and you will see some editing options and search for minimum SDK version or target SDK version.

 You need to modify these two that saw on the SDK reader, for example, APA level and minimum SDK version is 19, so you have to put 19 in both clicks on save and it will take some time to finish this process. When the process is complete it will show “you can install this app” and you can see the install option, click on the install button and you will see you can successfully install the application on your android device.

The Extension .apk

It is a package file format used by the Android operating system for the distribution and installation of mobile applications. It means Andriod Application Package. Similar to executable file .exe in Windows Operating System.

The extension of Apk file is .apk. It is installed on Andriod operating system. It consists of:

  • Application code (.dex files)
  • Manifest file
  • Assets
  • Resource files

How to download Apk pure app?

Go to your web browser then turn on incognito mode and then search for www.apkpure.com click on the magnifying symbol on the right top corner. Another page will appear similar to the first one, here click on apkpure for android, when you will click it, you will be redirected to another page. Now click on download, start the download.  Once your file is downloaded, open it and install it. Whatever app you want to download from apk pure website.

SDK – Software development kit

SDK is a downloadable package that may contain libraries sample code and documentation. 

The device is not compatible, Bluestacks error

1. Click on the three horizontal lines menu in the right corner of your computer, now click on stings, go to the engines, check this “use advanced graphics engine mode” and change the performance to “High (4 CPU cores, 3072 memory). After that restart Bluestacks and it will solve the issue.

2. Go to the home section of the blue stack, click on more apps, a new context menu will appear there you can locate settings and click on it. Now click on apps and scroll down and find Google Play Store, click on it and now click on storage, up click on clear data.  It will clear the data and cache.

3.  If the above two methods do not work try this method. Go to Bluestack.com, uninstall your current version of Bluestack. If your window is 64 bit, make sure you are downloading 64 bit only. Do not download 32 bit because otherwise if you will face a problem as your window is 64 bit, so make sure your system is the correct bit.

To know that your computer is 32 or 64 bit, search system info in the windows 10 search box, click on system information, and now just locate system type and here if it is x64 to 64 bit, here if it is x86 then it is 32 bit.

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You can try any of these methods to resolve the error “This device is not compatible with this version.” If you are using third-party apps to download, make sure they are safe and bug-free. If you are using a site, make sure the site has an HTTPS block for a secure download.

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