what is YOPmail ? How to Quickly Create Temporary Email Addresses With YOPmail


Using a disposable email address is a good way to start protecting your privacy online. It lets you sign up for services or send messages without giving your real email address. You can also use it to reduce the amount of spam your real email address gets.

YOPmail is one of the best ways to make temporary email addresses. Let’s look at how it can be used.

What Is YOPmail?

Yopmail: Disposable email - DEV Community

YOPmail is a disposable email service. It lets you use any “yopmail.com” email address you want and gives you access to the inbox for that address, even if someone else is using it.

When you need an email address but don’t want to use your real account, you can use YOPmail. Use it on sites that want you to sign up or on apps you’re testing that want you to log in. This way, you won’t get newsletters or spam in Gmail.

YOPmail is not private or password-protected like a regular email account, so you should only use it for things you don’t care about. Don’t ever use it for something important or personal.

You don’t have to set it up either. If you don’t want to use your own address when filling out an address form on a website, just type in a random address and you’re good to go.

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How to Create a YOPmail Account

In theory, you could use YOPmail even if you never went to YOPmail.com. When you go to a website that asks for your email, you can enter [anything]@yopmail.com and it will be accepted as a real email address.

If you do need access to the inbox, for example to confirm an account or get a free download from a site, you have two choices.

YOPmail Login | Sign In to a Disposable Email - Forrecruitment

  1. In the box at the top left of the YOPmail website, labeled Type the Email name of your choice, enter the first part of the address you chose and click Check Inbox.
  2. Alternatively, just go to yopmail.com/[your chosen address] and you’ll arrive straight at the inbox. You don’t need a password in either case.

If you use a simple, common word for your address, it’s likely that someone else has already used it. There is probably a lot of spam and messages for other people in the inbox. All YOPmail inboxes are public and can be used by anyone.

But remember that other people will be able to see your stuff just like you can see theirs. Because of this, you should never use a disposable email address for anything that has even the slightest connection to your real name.

Use a random mix of letters for your email address to make it a little harder for people to figure out what it is. No one else is likely to use dd5-73tq4@yopmail.com, so you should have that inbox all to yourself. Still, it’s open to the public and not safe.

You can make unique email addresses with the help of the YOPmail Generator tool. Find it in the site’s sidebar, under “Random Email Address.” You can also find links to browser plugins for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera, but none of these are available anymore.

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Disadvantages of a YOPmail Disposable Address

It’s easy to use and does what it says it will do. But some sites have caught on to the fact that disposable email addresses exist, so you might find that they don’t accept YOPmail as a valid address sometimes.

To get around that, the service gives you a few other domains to try. If you send mail to any of these addresses, it will automatically go to the YOPmail address that goes with it.

  • @yopmail.fr
  • @yopmail.net
  • @cool.fr.nf
  • @jetable.fr.nf
  • @nospam.ze.tc
  • @nomail.xl.cx
  • @mega.zik.dj
  • @speed.1s.fr
  • @courriel.fr.nf
  • @moncourrier.fr.nf
  • @monemail.fr.nf
  • @monmail.fr.nf

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More Disposable Email Addresses

Yopmail: Disposable email - DEV Community

Using a temporary email address is a great way to keep your privacy and get less spam.

There are other options besides YOPmail. For more options, check out our list of some of the best disposable email services.

You can also protect your privacy and hide your identity online by using user accounts that are only good for one use.

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