YIFY Proxy: List of YIFY Proxy and Best Alternatives of YIFY Proxy

Yify is one of the most famous torrent sites on the internet that has been used by thousands of people to download movies. Yify torrents and YTS are used interchangeably and many have become loyal users of Yify and YTS. Due to some piracy issues and copyright issues, Yify has been banned or taken down in several countries making it difficult to access for users throughout the world. They are still looking for proxy sites of Yify and do not want to switch to any other sites. 

Why does everyone prefer YIFY?

Yify has a huge library of pirated content that has been organized in the most perfect way possible. You can browse through movies very easily without any effort. The homepage has trending and recently uploaded movies to navigate the site users. You can also view the movies based on actors and directors too. The interface is great and user-friendly that looks almost like a professional website. 

There are also options to download 1080p and 4K quality movies. Bluray copies and even 3D torrent files are available on the site. Not many sites on the whole internet with such options to download movies. These things make  Yify a really special website and favorite among the torrent community. 

List of Yify proxies:

Here is the list of proxy sites that are available for Yify torrents:


These are some of the most famous and reliable proxy sites for yify torrents site,

Should you use the Yify torrent site?

The question of safety obviously arises whenever we use pirated sites because they are banned and taken down. So far no one has been banned or arrested or charged for using the Yify site or its proxies. It is difficult to track down each and every person who uses the site, that is why the site itself is taken down instead of the individual person. So it is safe to use the site.

Alternatives for Yify:

In case you are not able to use the Yify proxy sites or not able to access the yify site then here are some good alternatives that can help you:


Piratebay is probably the most famous torrent/piracy website of all time considering its reputation and longevity. Piratebay has been around for a long period of time, despite many measures to take the site down it is still running due to its various proxy sites. Pirate bay started using proxy sites even before proxy sites were cool! You can not only download movies but also TV shows and various software making it an extremely user-friendly website. 


Zooqle is the best-looking website on the list and believe me, you will use the site just for its extraordinary user experience. You can easily navigate through the site, trending shows are in the homepage for easy access, and an all-knowing search bar to help you. It has a huge library for content from various languages. Zooqle is definitely my favorite site for sure. 

Kat torrents:

Kat torrents or Kickass torrent is once again a famous site that has thousands of users. Similar to pirate bay Kat torrents also started using proxy sites way back before Yify torrents. Due to this reason the site has been around for some time. You can download movies, TV shows, and even applications from the site, Kat torrents is a pretty flexible site.


ETTV is a relatively new website that is known just for its huge library. From old movies and TV shows to new movies and TV shows, the site has everything that a user can wish for. The only drawback of the site is that the user experience can be pretty bad due to their poor user interface but if you do not mind that then the site is great. 


Rarbg is similar to ETTV but has become quite famous, more than ETTV. Rarbg too has a huge library and all sorts of content are available on the site. The reason why Rarbg became famous is that it is easy to navigate through their site and the accuracy of their search bar. Rarbg is preferred all over the internet right now and everyone has witnessed its rise.

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It is recommended to use a VPN before accessing any of the proxy sites of Yify and also the alternatives so that you are protected and also to gain wider access. Installing an antivirus is also preferred before using those sites. 

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