XP Pen: What is XP Pen, How does it work, and Features of XP Pen

XP pen is one of the best inventions for every single graphic designer in the world. The XP pen was found in 2005 in Japan. Explain pen is mostly used by graphic designers for deciding various artists’ templates and projects in their tablets and iPad. The XP pen has been the inspiration for various other styluses that are now provided by many large companies like apple along with its iPad. The XP pen is not only suitable for professionals and mature artists but also for beginners and those who do projects as a hobby. 

Why XP Pen?

XP pen has been better than almost every single similar graphic designer tablet out there. Even though there are some alternatives to XP Pen, none of them come close to the satisfaction XP pen provides to an artist. There are some extraordinary features that come in handy whenever you are involved in a project. It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or a pro when it comes to design, XP pen can facilitate you in one way or another. Their tablet has an amazing sensitivity that will capture your designs in the most perfect way possible.

XP Pen drivers:

In case you want to download drivers for XP Pen like windows or macOS or Linux, even that is available. This makes it extremely easy for designers and artists to adapt to and provides a huge advantage when it comes to design. The drivers are constantly updated on their site, which you can download whenever you want according to your comfort. 

How does XP Pen driver work?

If you buy an XP Pen, then you will have to connect it with your computer in order to design. But how will the XP Pen and your system or OS be compatible with each other in order to work flawlessly? That’s where the XP Pen driver comes in. Let’s say that you are using a Windows 10operating system on your computer. So to work with XP Pen, you will have to download the driver for windows 10 on your computer and install it. This way XP Pen will recognize on which OS it is working through the XP Pen driver. 

Features of XP Pen:

  • Friendly for beginners and professionals alike. Designers with any level of proficiency can use XP Pen for their design projects.
  • A large display screen on the pad allows you to draw without any limit of restrictions as it gives you more canvas space. 
  • Has customizable shortcut keys that can be used to make the process of design much easier. 
  • It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. The XP Pen drivers are updated constantly for every version of OS making it easy to use and adapt. 
  • The tab is sensitive enough to detect even the slightest and minute stroke on the tablet making the design more accurate.
  • The IPS display facilitates the easy process of drawing. 


If you are an artist or a designer who wants to work on digital work, you can go for XP Pen without any hesitation irrespective of your proficiency in design. Their constantly updating XP Pen drivers and fantastic features make XP Pen the ultimate stylus and digital drawing board winner of all time. 

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