10 Best Free Multiplayer Horror Games

If you are looking for some paid or free Multiplayer Horror Games where you can stand side by side with your friend and shoot hordes of zombies or perhaps challenges someone to a one versus one scare-fest, then you can try the list of games mentioned below. Every single one of these games is free I will be giving a little bit of information about the game itself as well as how the multiplayer functions.

1. Yet another Zombie Defense

yet another zombie defence

Yet another zombie (one from free multiplayer horror games) defense build your base by day defends it by night and stay alive for as long as you can. This game goes up to four player’s online co-op and it also has two players’ local co-op. This game is loads of fun, you have got a massive amount of weapons that you can choose from such as shotguns, assault rifles, rocket launchers, and flamethrowers. 

Build barricades, put down auto-turrets, you can equip the auto-turrets with different guns, make sure to stock up on ammo place down mines, throw grenades, pick up cash and power-ups, do anything you can to survive. Hordes of undead will attack you every night and as the night progress, the difficulty increases.

2. Zombie Panic Source

Zombie panic source(one from free Multiplayer Horror Games) is a cooperative survival horror first-person shooter. As the round starts you choose to play as a human or a zombie you have also got survival mode or objective mode. Survival mode is kind of like a PVP deathmatch; survivors have to survive as long as they can do and zombies have to break down barricades and kill the humans. Survivors can use ranged or melee weapons, so if you are playing as a zombie ideally you do not want to be out in an open space where you can be shot easily. Survivors will barricade themselves in houses or buildings and zombies will smash through the windows and doors to kill all the survivors.

This game goes up to 24 players per server. In terms of the servers for this game, all servers are player-made and player-hosted, usually, most players will congregate into the server with the highest amount of players. At the top of the list is usually a game with like 20-24 players in it. You can also find some servers with zero players. So if you and your group want to jump into a server with zero players the option is there for you, just keep in mind there will be someone that is an admin of that server and the admin of the server will always have full control.

Technically you can set up your server so if you or someone you know is quite a computer or tech-savvy, there are guides online that talk you through setting up your server so feel free to look through those if that is something that you want to do.

3. No More Room in Hell

No More Room in Hell

When there is no more room in hell (one from free Multiplayer Horror Games) the dead will walk the earth.  No more room in hell is a first-person zombie shooter that goes up to eight players cooperative shoot and smashes your way through hordes of zombies while trying to complete objectives like start generators or find keys to unlock doors or find a fire extinguisher to put out fires.

 The combat in this game is a little bit more slow-paced in comparison to other zombie shooters. It’s got a little bit more of a realistic forward-slash survival horror kind of vibe about it. It gives a feeling of the old-school resident evil and the old-school silent hill-type combat. It is a modification of half-life 2 so in terms of controlling the game, it feels a little bit like half-life.

 It’s got a large variety of weapons such as pistols, shotguns, baseball bats, and chainsaws. There is also a mechanic in this game where if you get hit by a zombie there is a chance that you can become infected and then over time you will turn into a zombie as well and die. When you get infected you have the choice to tell your group that you are infected at which point they could turn on you and kill you or you could choose not to tell them and hope that you find a vaccine along the way think of this game as kind of like a classic survival horror a bit like resident evil outbreak but in the first-person mode.

Also, this game does not have any official servers, all the servers listed are player-made so you can join any of the non-password-protected player-made servers or you can choose to create your server. When you click to create your server, a window will pop up offering to show you a guide on how to set up your server. You do have the option to invite your friends into another player’s created server. So you join an already created server and then invite your friends to that player’s server. Every time I have checked the player servers there are always players online.

4. Object N

Object N (one from free Multiplayer Horror Games) is a first-person zombie shooter which takes place in an underground science lab. It got a co-op campaign mode or deathmatch mode. This game kind of feels like playing a mix of counter-strike left 4 dead and vermin tide. There is a bunch of different weapons you can find and use. There are also various secrets that you can find on each stage I believe the maximum number of players on object N is eight. 

I have seen some deathmatches with eight players and co-op campaigns with four players but I can not 100% confirm what the maximum number of players is for the co-op campaign. It does not say anywhere on the steam page or anywhere online while the max players are.

You have the option to join a server or create your own, you usually won’t find any co-op servers in session, so you will have to bring along a group of people to go through the co-op campaign alternatively. You can go through the campaign solo if you want to, you usually will find players online doing the deathmatch mode so you can jump in and play deathmatch mode if that is your thing.

You could technically start a co-op server and set the server to public and you may find that people do join that way.

5. Deceit 

Dece it

Dece it (one from free Multiplayer Horror Games) put your instincts to the test in a game of trust and deception with deceit. In deceit when the round starts, you will randomly be chosen to play as a human player or an infected player. A third of the group will be playing as infected; if you are playing as a human your objective is to make it out and escape. If you are playing as an infected your objective is to kill all of the human players.

However, everyone looks like a human so you won’t be able to tell who the infected players are. You will have to pay attention to the player’s actions and words to try and figure out who is infected.

Six players maximum you have a phase where the lights are on and a phase where the lights are off. While the lights are on the human’s objective is to gear up, get some weapons and armorer and prepare for when the lights go out, the infected players will try and gather blood bags so that they can use their power up when the lights go out.

When the lights do go out the humans will have to get the power back on to progress and in this phase, the infected can transform into their terraform. While they are in their terraform if they have consumed enough blood bags. They can perform an instant kill you can use in-game voice chat to try and convince people that you are innocent or try and convince people that someone is an infected player. With deceit’s recent updates it is kind of taking a few things from dead by daylight and among us, in the lights out phase human players, now have to reactivate generators to get their power back on.

Some challenges reward the player with in-game currency such as a player on a certain map or play as a certain player and it is also taken inspiration from among us where you can call now an emergency meeting and vote players out that you think are infected. It also got a skill tree that you can go through to upgrade your character, you can unlock things such as regenerate your health over time or spawn into the game equipped with an armorer. This game is very social all about trust lies and deception.

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6. SAS Zombie Assault 4

SAS Zombie Assault 4

SAS Zombie Assault 4(one from free Multiplayer Horror Games) is an action-packed zombie shooter with RPG elements. You will be able to upgrade guns and armorers and you can choose different classes that have unique abilities. This game goes up to four player’s online co-op and it sometimes has PVP events like the last man standing. By completing stages you will earn in-game currency and you can use that currency to upgrade your characters or buy the extra amount of grenades. There are sometimes boss fights at the end of the stage and you will need to give it everything you have got to survive.

 The three classes are medic, assault, and heavy. The medic can throw down medic packs to heal your allies; the assault class is usually the first guy into the action that leads the team forward. You have also got the heavy class which deals with overwhelming damage to the enemy, you also get rewarded with some loot crates every time you complete a stage and you can pick up some pretty cool weapons and armorers in these, you can gain skill points and upgrade your character.

You can upgrade things like their health or cash gained when you complete a stage or even the blast radius of a grenade. It is pretty cool how much you can customize in this game.

7. Hide and Shriek

Hide and Shriek

Hide And Shriek (one from free Multiplayer Horror Games)Scare the living daylights out of your opponent in hiding and shriek. This game is a versus one scare-fest where your objective is to scare the living hell out of your opponent. Each game is 10 minutes long, both players are invisible and the player with the most point at the end of the round wins.

You can score points by scaring your opponent luring them into traps or performing ancient rituals. You will have to look around the arena to find magical orbs and then bring those orbs back to the pedestal to get bonus points. The catch is while you are carrying this orb you potentially can be jump scared and if you jump scared; you will drop the orb and lose it. You will need to cast spells and lay traps to try and reveal where your opponent is.

If you think you know where they are, you can cast your special ability which is a massive jump scare and if this connects and hits the player, you will gain bonus points. I believe this game is intended as a Halloween game.

8. Dead Frontier 2

Dead Frontier 2

Dead Frontier 2 (one from free Multiplayer Horror Games) is a massively multiplayer online survival horror game. Make your stock up on weapons and supplies because you could run into the infected at any time. This game kind of has a vibe of the old school resident evil and silent hill. It is even got the resident evil typewriter sounds when you change the area. When you open and look at the map, it looks exactly like old school resident evil. Essentially with this game you talk to the NPCs at the central hub, they will give you a quest to complete then you head out into the city and complete those quests.

You will be fighting the infected and looting stuff along the way, bring that stuff along the way bring that stuff back to the central hub, and hand in the quest to get your reward. You can level up the character and give them different perks such as improved melee attacks or improved sprinting.

If you are a fan of classic survival horror games then I think you will enjoy this game dead frontier 2, it also requires you to sign up with a third-party account. You will find it on the main menu as you boot up the game. It is also got these cool timed events where loads of the infected will attack the safe house and loads of players will have to work together to fend off hordes of the infected. This is a lot of fun because there are so many things happening all the same time.

9. Codename Cure

Codename Cure (one from free Multiplayer Horror Games)It is a zombie game that goes up to five players a team of special military operations tasked with curing the infected areas. You can pick your class from pointman support assault technician and sniper, each one with a unique playstyle and equipment to support your team.  You have to plant the bomb and then run out of there before the place explodes which is loads of fun.

It is also got a survival mode where you can fight waves and waves of zombies. This game only has player-made servers, some of these player-made servers have people in them and some of them will have nobody in them. Technically you can join an empty server and you can invite your friends into the empty server. You do have the option of creating your server but you would have to take a look online on how to set that up, there is plenty of guides online that you can follow to set up your server.

A fast-paced co-op campaign zombie shooter kind of like left 4 dead.

10. SCP: Secret Laboratory

SCP: Secret Laboratory

SCP: Secret Laboratory(one from free Multiplayer Horror Games) is set during a containment breach where many anomalies have escaped from their security chambers. There are various roles that all play different parts, in this game they can be broken down into three main teams which are D-Class, mobile task force, and SCPs which are essentially the monsters.

This lab is set underground. I won’t go into a massive amount of details of how all these various roles and things work. If you are playing as a prisoner your objective is to make your way out of the lab to the surface and escape. If you are playing as an SCP or a monster, your objective is to kill everybody. If you are playing as a scientist your objective is to make your way to the surface and escape. If you are playing as the mobile task force your objective is to get in, kill all of the monsters, rescue a scientist and get that scientist to an escape.

If you are playing as a chaos insurgent, your objective is to get inside, rescue a prisoner and get them out. There are various types of monsters that all have unique abilities and specials.

It can get quite complex but essentially it is a secret lab where there are monsters breaking out, prisoners trying to escape, scientists trying to escape, and armed soldiers running around everywhere shooting stuff.

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 These multiplayer horror games will have you carrying together suffering from racing hearts and sweaty palms as you battle through or hide from unspeakable evils. They will make you giggle when horror approaches and will selfishly fight for supplies when the going gets tough.1

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