Windows cannot detect the network’s proxy settings automatically 

What is a proxy server?

To give a brief explanation about the problem we are going to solve we must know what a proxy is. Proxy is nothing but a middleman. Instead of connecting us directly to the internet, it connects us to a server that gathers information from the internet and provides it to us. Normally businesses use this for security purposes. This is not used mostly in home networks unless you set it up by yourself, this is why we have to make sure that any proxy setting if exists without your knowledge then it must be cleared.

Sometimes there will be an annoying warning symbol in your network connection icon which means you will not be able to use the internet. This doesn’t occur normally but even if it does it is not that big of an issue as you can easily solve this problem. You will try troubleshooting but after it is done you will get a message saying Windows cannot detect the network’s proxy settings. 

So what can we do if this pops up? Don’t worry as this is a simple issue and can be solved quite easily.

Solution 1: Reboot your router and restart your computer

  1. It is always good to reboot your router so that any minor errors are solved automatically. Many times just doing this can solve if windows cannot network’s proxy
  2. Now after rebooting your router now restart your system as it will eliminate if there are any bugs or errors on the software side
Reboot your router and restart your computer

Solution 2: Check your proxy settings

As it is windows which is not able to detect the network’s proxy settings, it is best advised to check the proxy settings of your computer

  1. Open settings and select network and internet category
  1. Now go to the proxy tab in left panel
  1. Here make sure that use a proxy server option is turned off
Use a proxy Server
  1. Also, make sure that the automatically detect settings option is turned on
Automatically detect settings

Solution 3: Network adapter troubleshooter

Sometimes just troubleshooting your network adapter can solve the error of not detecting proxy settings. 

  1. Right-click on the network connection icon and click on the troubleshoot option
Network Adapter troubleshooter
  1. This dialog box will appear for scanning and will inquire about the issues that you have which you can select and navigate accordingly
Detecting problems Windows Network Diagnostics

Solution 4: Obtain an IP address

Sometimes if the IP address if misconfigured or DNS settings has any error then it will cause the network not able to detect proxy settings error. You can follow these steps to solve it

  1. Open settings and go to network and internet option
Obtain an IP Address
  1. Now go to the wifi tab and select change adapter options
Change Adapter settings
  1. Right-click on the wifi and go to properties
Change wifi settings
  1. Now click the internet protocol version 4 option and then click okay enabling obtain IP address automatically option

Solution 5: Scan for malware

Sometimes due to trojan and malware there may be some kind of errors that can be solved quite easily. All you need to do is run a malware scan with your antivirus software which will detect and eliminate any malware or trojan if any in the system and your windows operating system will start automatically detecting the network’s proxy settings

Solution 6: Resetting your network settings

This can be your final measure if none of the above works

  1. Go to control panel and select network and internet option
  1. Go to the status tab and scroll to the bottom where you will see the reset 
  2. This will remove all network information present 
  3. After doing this please restart your computer 


These errors can be solved normally with the help of the above techniques but if it is not working and it still shows that windows cannot detect the network’s proxy settings automatically, then you need to go to a service center to get it right. Please do not mess with the settings by yourself as it may cause errors in the computer unknowingly. 

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