What is Vulkan runtime libraries and How to uninstall it

Vulkan runtime libraries

Sometimes you may have noticed something called Vulkan runtime libraries in your system or laptop and would have panicked. I did the same and many others did the same too. Many even tried to remove Vulkan from their system but I would like to tell you that there is literally nothing to worry about Vulkan runtime libraries, it is not malware or a trojan. Many people are curious about it though, what is Vulkan runtime libraries?

What is Vulkan runtime libraries?

I’m sure we have heard about DirectX and Open GL. What are they? They are graphic drivers, right? Vulkan is similar to them. They are new graphics drivers which were launched recently. While other graphic drivers make the CPU work to its fullest capacity, Vulkan minimizes the amount of CPU used and it even efficiently distributes the performance over the CPU cores.

Do you have a graphics card? Nvidia? If you have an Nvidia graphic card then Vulkan will already be installed in your system without any kind of pop up or information. Vulkan helps the graphic card to perform smoothly and distributes the power to perform efficiently. If you are a gamer then you will for sure have Vulkan on your PC or laptop.

Please do not try to uninstall Vulkan from your system or laptop as it is incredibly difficult to install it back. As mentioned before, Vulkan usually comes along with your graphics card and you will need them in the first place to reinstall.

Lately, there have been some issues and pop-ups showing that Vulkan is malware which is completely false. This is a huge misconception that must be sorted out as uninstalling will cause several severe issues in your GPU performance and overall graphics.

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Do you still want to uninstall it? Here is how you do it

  1. Go to the control panel and select then uninstall a program option.
Vulkan runtime libraries
  1. Scroll down to Vulkan runtime libraries and then uninstall it

Or you can try this method:

  1. Press Windows + R key which will open Run window
Vulkan runtimie libraries
  1. Type appwiz.cpl and then press OK
  2. Vulkan runtime libraries will appear in that list. Right-click on it and select the uninstall option
  3. Following the above steps will uninstall Vulkan libraries


Due to some recent misconceptions, there are several rumors stating that Vulkan is malware that needs to be uninstalled but please do not do that. It comes with the graphic cards as an efficient graphic driver and uninstalling it will do nothing but cause some graphics related problems in your computer.

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