What is Google Local Guide Program and its Benefits

Google presented Local Guides four years back. From that point forward, it’s developed into an inconceivably well known program with 60 million Local Guides contributing the world over. Local Guides are individuals who answer questions, share photographs and update data about spots and organizations on Google Maps. Google rewards Local Guides for their commitments with prizes that range from a free film rental on Google Play to a Local Guides Conference in San Francisco that pulls in 150 Local Guides from 62 unique nations. 

Anybody can turn into a Local Guide — it’s as simple as joining, turning on the spot sharing and adding to data on Google Maps. Commitments incorporate refreshing a business’ area data, addressing explicit inquiries concerning a business, leaving surveys and posting photographs — which Local Guides accomplished in excess of 300 million times in 2017. 

Multi-area organizations should know about Local Guides and the effect they have on Google My Business pages, which is the stage through which organizations show up on Google Maps and Google search. Underneath, you’ll discover four manners by which Local Guides are changing the Google Maps scene, and what advertisers can do to change. 

What is Google Local Guide Program?

Local Guides

Local Guides can compose surveys that show up in Google Reviews, yet they additionally give various types of data about local organizations. Local Guides work in Google Maps; addressing questions, confirming data and adding photographs and recordings. Entrepreneurs set up their pages in Google My Business, and that data shows up in Google Maps when clients discover the business. These professional resources have Google Reviews, the work locale’s, telephone number, working hours and Google Q&A posts; questions and answers gave by purchasers and entrepreneurs. 

At the point when purchasers post on Google Reviews, they give a star-rating, compose a short outline of their experience, and can post a picture of the business. At the point when Local Guides add to Google Maps postings, they contribute explicit data about a spot or business. They may respond to Google Q&A addresses, for example, “is this store wheelchair open?” or “does this café have WiFi”. They likewise may be approached to give the work locale’s, or affirm whether the site on the posting is the right site for the business. 

Benefiting Google Maps?

Almost 70% of cell phone proprietors lean toward Google Maps over other route applications, making it the main guides application on portable. It’s basic that each multi-area business has an exact posting for every area on this well known application. These postings can be made and altered through the business’ Google My Business account. 

Whenever you’ve confirmed the working hours, area, business name, improve your posting by adding photographs and giving pre-populated Google Q&A questions and replies. In the event that your business is an eatery, add menus to every area’s Google My Business profile. In the event that you maintain an assistance based business, give clients the alternative to book an arrangement directly from the Google Maps posting. Transform your posting into an all inclusive resource for customers looking for data about your business. 

Google Local Guide Benefits

Local Guides can add another spot to Google Maps on the off chance that it isn’t as of now there. In the event that another business opens and the proprietors don’t make a Google My Business page, almost certainly, a Local Guide will wind up making it for them. This happens more regularly than you may might suspect; more than 700,000 new places are added to Google Maps every month. On the off chance that you as of late started another business area and haven’t just made a posting for it on Google My Business, soon a Local Guide fills in your business information themselves. 

Local Guides can add your street number’s and working hours, post questions and reactions on your business’ Google Q&A page, and add photos of your business. Wouldn’t you rather that you control the account around your new business, particularly as you’re building up your early introduction on the encompassing network? On the off chance that you don’t need another person controlling the public impression of your business, take control by improving your business’ Google Maps posting. 

More accurate than Google Maps

Google Maps

Through the Local Guides program, Google is considering the two buyers and organizations answerable for posting legitimate and precise data. Local Guides are boosted to submit precise alters since all alters are surveyed, and Local Guides would prefer not to have their alters denied. The more alters that a Local Guide has distributed, the more Google trusts and rewards their commitments. 

Google has arrangements to control the sort of substance that Local Guides can post. Google Q&A posts and Google Reviews can’t be spam or contain counterfeit substance. They can’t be off-subject and they can’t emerge out of somebody with an irreconcilable situation. In the event that Local Guides are found disregarding any of these standards, Google may venture to such an extreme as to prohibit them from altering data on Google Maps. 

Organizations likewise have a motivator to submit precise information for their Google Maps postings. On the off chance that the business gives exact information, there’s no requirement for a Local Guide to come in and give alters that might be to the greatest advantage of the business. Giving precise data in Google Q&A can likewise include adding catchphrases to questions and replies, which supports SEO. 

Local Guides can help organizations as well, as Google confides in their positive audits and frequently moves them to the highest point of the Google Reviews page. It’s anything but difficult to discern whether a Local Guide investigated your business, in light of the fact that their profile will have a “Local Guides” title under the profile picture. Local Guides can likewise refresh incorrect data that might be antagonistically influencing your business, for example, some unacceptable location or a mistaken Google Q&A answer. 

Most entrepreneurs comprehend the significance of a site; the site goes about as a computerized data center for all clients require to think about your business. Shopper perusing propensities have changed, notwithstanding. Buyers need data directly in their route application or in their indexed lists page, so Google has given GMB profiles that go about as microsites for organizations. While sites are as yet essential for SEO purposes and generally speaking buyer commitment, the GMB profile fills in as a significant introductory touchpoint that can impact the buy choice. 


Local Guides are one more tool Google uses to guarantee exactness on Google Maps and GMB. Organizations can advance beyond Local Guides by guaranteeing each posting has precise data and pre-populated Google Q&A questions and replies. The more precise the data, the simpler it will be for buyers to discover every one of your business areas.

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