What is a DCB_ASSOCIATION Text Message? Complete Guide!

Nowadays everyone is accessing the internet through their phones, it is done by everyone and every day. So, now the technology is evolving, therefore more advanced threats have also come. Unethical hackers are more focusing on attacking data on phones as it is the most used. People get scared if they see any not-so-common message or call. When the text is a combination of random numbers, alphabets and symbols then it is suspicious. If we any this type of text then we all panic and start thinking that our phone is insecure.

If you receive a code as DCB_ASSOCIATION 958551322kj, this is a DCB_ASSOCIATION message.

What exactly does DCB_ASSOCIATION do in the market?

Technology is growing every day and we can access anything anywhere with the touch of a screen. Everything is accessible in a form of an app or any mobile application. Almost everyone owns a smartphone in this world. After demonetization digital money has become a lot more accessible than ever. Not only in India but over the world people use digital money than credit or cash. Credit card usage is different from using digital money through the phone. DCA payment method is easy, so its purpose is an alternative to buy anything online as there are no steps of filling forms and details.

In terms of the gaming industry, DCB_ASSOCIATION is way easier to use for payment of various games. Consumers can buy any game online without making any account or providing any details, just a few taps on the screen and it is done. It is a big tool, not just a digital money method. As the E-sports industry is growing rapidly, almost nobody is using credit cards for payment. Gamers can purchase anything while playing the game through digital money on their phone. It is way easier than using a credit card or cash.

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What is a DCB_ASSOCIATION Text Message?

DCB_ASSOCIATION stands for Direct Carrier Billing. If any consumer purchases anything on the Google Play store, the consumer will receive this online receipt. It is available on various devices for example mobile phones, computers, laptops, etc. Rather than using cash or credit card, consumers can use this for purchasing anything online. If anyone uses the Google Play store for purchasing anything online, he or she will receive dcb_message. If the consumer is purchasing anything present in google play store then the message pop up of dcb_association that is a combination of alphabets and unarranged numbers.

When you connect your google play store account then also you will receive this message which allows you to purchase anything directly from the google play store. It basically allows any consumer to purchase anything and it will add the cost to your phone bill.

If any message pops up on your screen which contains a combination of numbers and alphabets, it can be from the various service provider. This is not unsafe, but it means your google play store account is connected to your mobile phone. It means things in your phone will be connected to a google play store account. Any consumer can purchase anything online through this.

DCB payment is a part of the Google Play store. When consumers allow this option, the Google Play store sends a text to the consumer’s phone with a unique code and also to the consumer’s network service provider. The message is hash code which is basically a combination of alphabets and numbers. The first network service provides receive this message and then the next step is taken. It verifies that it has come from our phone and google play store account is connected to our phone. After all these steps are completed DCB_payment method will be activated in our Google Play Store account.

Perks of DCB

1. It has way more convenient and easier checkout ways than any other methods like a credit card, etc.

2. Consumer Friendly: the whole purpose of DCB payment is to make it user-friendly.

3. You do not need to own a credit card for using this method.

4. This method is trustworthy as the steps are made through our phones.

5. It has easier accessibility as it can be used by anyone, anywhere.

6. It is very convenient to use, as any payment can be done by using your phone.

7. It is very secure, as two-factor authentication is there.

Even though DCB_ASSOCIATION has these perks still be alert and follow these steps how can you be alert about this?

1. Do not let any stranger access your phone.

2. Keep changing your google account password frequently.

3. If get any notification from an area you have not purchased, then change your google account password as soon as possible and report it to the help center.

4. Always set a tough password to crack, which include both upper case letter and lower case, symbols, numbers, etc.

5. Note down all the activities are done through your account and remember it.

6. Keep your password to yourself only.

If you get a doubt that your phone is hacked then you can follow these steps as precaution and safety measures:

1. Change the factory setting.

2. Take out your SIM card immediately

3. Remove the payment link from your Google Play Store account.

4. You can also make use of antivirus applications.

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How can you access DCB?

1. Go to Google Play Store

2. Tap on the top left corner which is like a three-line menu and it will give you the main menu.

3. Go to the payment methods option. 

4. You see an option of your mobile provider’s number, select that option.

5. Click on that which allows and activates DCB payment.

You can purchase various things by DCB such as applications that are all available in Google Play Store, the services and things provided in social networks, access to E-books, magazines, music application subscriptions.

Payment procedure:

1. Go to Google Play Store on your phone.

2. Search the application name you need.

3. Go to the “Bill my account option” to purchase whatever you need.

4. Choose the buy option.

5. Then enter your Google account password.

6. You get an email with the all details of your payment and purchase.

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Types of DCB payment methods

What is a DCB_ASSOCIATION Text Message?

This method is accessible to various types of consumers but they should have sufficient balance:

1. Post-paid Voice Consumers:

Consumers will get a post-paid bill if they buy anything on Google play store account.

2. Pre-paid Voice Consumers:

The consumer has to pay instantly as they buy anything from their Google play store account.

They are a few types of customers who are not allowed to use DCB payment such as Business, corporate customers, and enterprise customers are not allowed to use DCB payment.

The bill generated by the DCB_ASSOCIATION method contains various information from order date to terms and condition details. 

You can also remove the link of the DCB payment option in case you want to use other means of payment by following these steps:

1.  Go to the Google Play Store option.

2. You can observe a three-line menu option in the top left corner and click on that, it will take you to the main menu.

3. Go to the options, and then go to the payment option.

4. Go to more payment options.

5. Web browser will open your Google Play Store account, use that email that is linked with your google play store account.

6. You will see an option of your DCB_ASSOCIATION payment method. Tap on the remove option to remove this method.

7. Confirm your remove payment method and tap on it once again and it is all done.


I hope all this information would have helped you to understand that you should not panic if you receive a message DCB with a combination of alphabets and numbers. DCB method has various perks, you can also remove the link of the DCB payment method from your Google play store account in case you do not need the DCB payment method. Follow the precautions and security tips keenly and maintain a safe password.

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