3 Best Ways to Increase download speed on PC

The Internet is a global phenomenon that changed the course of the digital world. The world started to communicate online, and the distance no longer matters in the digital world. People can talk and communicate in an instant, despite miles away from each other.

The entertainment industry entered into the digital era so that it can reach a wider audience without the issues of the dealing with the networks, cable operatos, and broadcasters. Netflix, WWE network, UFC network, and other networks started streaming sites so that people can engage.

The technology has not covered high-speed internet connection to every single home. The prices of internet packages are high in many regions & different parts of the world.

Today, we are going to show you a couple of solutions that will help the users get the maximum amount of download speed. First, let’s bust the myths about the download speed & upload speed.

1. FUP (Fair Usage Policy)

Millions of people do not understand that once they hit the maximum amount of data for the package, then the download speed & upload speed downgrades.

Yes, if you have subscribed to 10 MBPS connection and then you reach FUP limit. The service provider sets a limit, and it might downgrade to 1 MBPS download speed & upload speed.

Contact the internet service provider for information.

2. Download Speed Boosters

I have seen several programs and apps that claim to increase the RAM, Storage, Internet, and performance. However, only a few works and no tool can increase download speed. ISP offers a package that comes with a certain amount of data limit and download & upload speed. The bandwidth set by the ISP from the server itself, so there is no way that any booster can increase the selected package.

In case, if you are planning to upgrade the package, then you can do so, but do not try any programs that promise to increase the internet speed. Do not fall for such programs because such a program does not exist.

3. Solution

Majority of the users do not know how to improve the existing connection. Yes, you might have 10 MBPS connection, but you don’t know how to use it. Browser such as Chrome & Mozilla does not offer optimized download managers that can take the maximum amount of download speed strength in one file.

The browser is designed to download a file while letting the users surf the internet. In short, the priority route that every web browser forced to take because they want to keep the users happy on both sides.

Solution #1: Background Apps

Allow us to show some of the ways you can easily improve the download speed & upload speed in an instant. There is so many software running in the background, and the apps require internet connection as well.

Turn off apps & software that consumes internet connection the background such as Windows update & Antivirus program.

Step 1: Launch Antivirus or Windows update program.

Launch Antivirus

Step 2: Click on the three-line menu, and click on settings to view more options.

Launch Antivirus program

Step 3: Now, click on the update, then select the drop-down button for more options. Select “manual update” in the following section and click to complete the process.

Manual update

Remember, do not turn off the auto-updates of virus definitions. You can turn off program update because it does not improve the virus engine in any way. Manual settings offer less internet usage, and it improves the download speed.

The latest edition of Windows 10 does not come with an option to turn off the updates. Microsoft pushing the updates hard never like before, and we are going to show you a way to keep the updates at bay.

Step 1: Go to settings > Network & Internet > Status.

Turn off windows update

Step 2: Now, click on “Change Network Properties” and it will open more options for you.

turn off windows update

Step 3: Click on “set as metered connection” and close the window.

Turn Off Windows update

The metered connection indicates the Windows that you are running a limited data package so that it won’t download updates from now on. Remember, the company does prompt you to upgrade occasionally, and you have to close it to avoid the updates.

Solution #2: Download Manager

I have been using a download manager for almost seven years now. The download manager offers some features that a browser cannot afford to add in the project. I have come across two managers that can improve the download speed like no other program.

Internet Download Manager: 30-days trial period.

uGet Download Manager: Free & open-source project.

Yes, I have used both download managers and currently, uGet is my primary solution because it gets the job done.

Step 1: Download anything from the web and let the desktop Chrome browser begin downloading it.

Download Manager

Step 2: Copy the URL address of the download.

Download Manager

Step 3: Click on file > new download and the program automatically paste the URL address. Now, click on the “OK” button to begin the process.

Use Download Manager

Step 4: You get a resume/pause button along with improved download speed.

Use Download Manager

The uGet offers low, medium and high priority that lets the entire download speed focus on one file. In short, download speed improves significantly. Web browsers usually stop at some point of the download, but it isn’t the case in this program.

Coming to the Internet Download Manager, and I must say that no program can exceed the features, functionality, and performance of the IDM. Even uGet cannot match up with the IDM, and it requires a lot of R&D for the uGet to produce that quality.


If you have enough bucks in the bank, then purchase the license key of the IDM program. Or else, you can install & use uGet, which offers lesser features compared to IDM. Also, turn off Windows 10 update to improve the overall experience. Let us know what do you think about our techniques in the comment section below.

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