7 Best ways to fix when discord voice not working properly

Discord is a voice-over chat application that allows users to communicate with each other in a much easier and comfortable way. Discord has been around for a long time and is being used by millions of people all over the world for many purposes, gaming being the primary one. 

One of the problems which you may encounter while using it is that your audio is not working. You are maybe audible to everyone except for a specific person or inaudible to everyone. Mostly this comes as an issue especially when your discord icon shows the green circle but no one can hear. It really is frustrating when this error occurs as you may not know what to do. This error mostly occurs due to any improper audio settings or any bugs in discord due to the updates. All of these errors can be solved quite easily in a matter of time before you even realize so you need not worry about discord not working. 

Solution 1: Using Legacy audio system

Sometimes our outdated hardware may not support the latest audio features launched by discord through their updates which will create some errors like audio not working despite having a green circle. For this, you can simply use or revert back to the Legacy audio system. This solution has solved many issues for discord users.

How to do that?

  1. Open discord and click on the user settings icon
  2. Go to the audio and video section
  3. If you scroll down slowly you can see an option called “Legacy audio system”, turn it on.
  4. A dialog box will appear to confirm your changes, select okay for it.
  5. Now press ESC to exit the settings

Solution 2: Setting the default communication device

Your audio device must be set as a default communication device so that the applications can easily identify and use it which will avoid many errors in apps like discord. This is done in the settings of windows and not discord. 

  1. In the bottom left there will be a sound icon, right-click it
  2. Select the playback devices option which will open the sound option under the playback tab
  3. Now see whether your device is there in the list 
  4. Right-click your device and select Set as default option
  5. Now click Apply to save the changes

Solution 3: Using the proper sound output

Sometimes in your discord settings, an incorrect audio device may have been selected and it is our job to correct it and select the right device which we are using. 

  1. Open discord and click the user settings icon
  2. Click and audio and video tab
  3. You will see output and input devices and options for it
  4. Select the drop-down menu and check whether your device is the default device and if not please do change it

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Solution 4: Refreshing the application

Many times people get errors and bugs like discord not working despite having a green circle due to constant updates rolled out by discord. Mostly this can be solved only when discord rolls out their next update but sometimes just refreshing discord can solve it too. All you need to do is close the application and then open it and click ctrl + R at the same time to refresh discord.

Solution 5: Web version of discord

Sometimes the issue cannot be solved until the application itself releases an update to resolve it. During this time period, you can obviously the web version of discord

Solution 6: Change server region

The region in which your server operates plays a major role in the quality of the audio. You should try changing the region to get a better connection. This is how it is done:

  1. Click on the server and open server settings
  2. Select the Overview tab and click on the region drop-down option
  3. Now select a different region according to your desire
  4. Select save changes to apply the changes you have made
  5. In case the region doesn’t work then try changing it once again to get a better connection

Solution 7: Change discord’s volume

The volume mixer in the windows OS can control the volume of each and every application in your system, changing it may work at times if the volume is set low for discord. This is how it is done:

  1. Type volume mixer in the dialog box and open volume mixer settings
  2. It will display all the active applications in your computer in which you have to select discord
  3. Change the volume accordingly and save the changes

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The methods that are stated above are the only ones to rectify aunty software mistakes or errors in the application but if the problem is in the hardware of the computer then you have to contact your servicer.

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