VON Consulting Tech Division: The Great Reshuffling in the US Tech Sector

US tech talents might look upon this title with a frown. Especially as Meta just announced it would lay off another 10,000 employees. Where is this industry headed? It’s a topsy turvy period, that’s for sure. However, even with instability in the market, the demand for tech workers does not appear to be going anywhere. And neither is the industry’s professionals’ high compensation trademark.

Tech is still in full demand – yes, you read that right!

Tech roles offer higher pay than other industry jobs, workplace flexibility, including towards hybrid and full remote work. According to a Computer World analysis, these are the foundational needs for tech talents in the US in 2023.

Aside from laid off professionals, there’s another phenomenon to consider. This is the conversion of passive candidates to active job seekers. These workers may now fear further layoffs, pushing them to look for work at more stable companies.

In these times of reshuffling, tech workers who are on the market are looking for respect, quality managers, people management, and employer recognition. Equally important, they will pay more attention to an organization’s growth rate, market position, and stability (how recession-proof it is).

In fact, at the end of January 2023, there were about 200,000 open tech positions in the US, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, research firms, and tech industry associations such as CompTIA.

The most coveted tech jobs 

According to a report from Indeed.com, the top three jobs in the US IT & tech industry in Q1/2023 were full stack developer, data engineer, and cloud engineer. Those positions saw a more-than-50% uptick in the number of listings added over the year; in fact, data engineer saw an 80% increase in openings compared to a year ago.

Vivien Untaru, VON Consulting Tech Division CEO, an IT service provider company operating in US, Germany, SEE (3 locations in Romania) and UAE comments: “Some IT & tech hiring mammoths are now course correcting their trajectories when it comes to personnel. So now it is the time for other companies to pitch prime talent. On the other hand, the high demand for technical skills both in and outside of the tech industry is also a big sign for employers. There’s a lot more scrutiny of where opportunities exist and how they should be handled by employers. The shortage of tech personnel is actually encouraging more and more companies to resort to outsourcing. Currently, we’re seeing high demand in cloud, security, analytics, and automation, all of which call for application development skills”.

If you’re an IT professional and are looking for new opportunities

Analyze the long-term prospects, as well as staff retention. Do your research, try to collect peer reviews.

You need to combine job role analysis with company ethos, different career trajectories and packages. Does this sound like a handful? Maybe we can help. By working with a recruitment specialist, you get access to all the information that you need to make an informed choice.

If you’re a company in need of IT talent 

VON Consulting Tech Division has 20 years’ expertise in helping IT businesses grow and we went down this path because our clients requested it! We’re professionals and innovators, where there isn’t a way, we build one, we monetize quality first and foremost and value commitment.

VON Consulting technical consultancy division delivers hardware design and verification, as well as embedded software development services, application implementation and testing in telecommunications. Our clients are mainly active in networking and semiconductors industries and all are top tier in their fields.

A company like ours is in the position in which we can counsel not only IT talents looking for new opportunities, but also companies who are questioning whether or not outsourcing their next IT project might be the right move to make.

VON Consulting Tech Division can give your company the most agile, cost-effective and top-quality services on the market. We talk, we listen, we deliver results.

See more on www.vonconsulting.net and let’s work together!

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