Is USTV247 Safe to Use?

USTVGO, a famous streaming site, offered hundreds of live television channels. This will allow you to view major sports and news stations. It also allows unrestricted access to your favourites without requiring registration. Users outside the United States are required to utilise a VPN because the service is only available in the United States. Once connected, users may stream high-quality live television. With a VPN, we were able to access the website worldwide and in the United States. Several users have reported loading issues with USTVGO and USTV247 on their browsers. Are USTVGO and USTV247 unavailable? Let’s find out!

Is USTVGO and USTV247 Down?

USTV247- Watch Hundreds of Channels Online for Free (2023)

There are rumors that USTV247.TV has also been shut down with the same error message, thus the website appears to have vanished permanently. USTVGO and’s Twitter accounts have also been suspended. Also, there is no longer a Discord server.

Consumers were astonished by the service’s mysterious absence. Others had thought that the service would be temporary, but it is no longer available. Despite being a prominent pirate site, the site was never included on the list of infamous pirate sites compiled by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Recently, sports networks sent DMCA takedown letters to streaming sites that contained their channels.

It is unclear what USTVGO and USTV247’s legal status is. Yet, free streaming may result in financial losses for a broadcasting or distribution organisation. If you would rather not risk the stream and enjoy the free content, you can purchase a subscription plan to do so.

Due to the suspension of social media accounts and the absence of a note on the website, it appears that the site has been permanently shut down.

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What Are the Reasons for The Sudden Shut Down in USTVGO and USTV247?

Due to the lack of formal information regarding the sudden closure, we can only hypothesise about its cause. If the site’s owner(s) were subjected to legal pressure, the service would be immediately discontinued, with or without a cease-and-desist order.

Thus, this is all the information we have regarding the status of USTVGO and USTV247. We hope this has been helpful. Moreover, if you require additional information, please leave a remark and let us know.

Is USTV247 Safe to Use?

Before I install this, I want to perform a VirusTotal scan of the official website.

Below is a screenshot showing the results of the scan.
Within the official URL, VirusTotal did not detect any harmful files.

Nonetheless, you should always safeguard yourself with antivirus software and a VPN when visiting untrustworthy websites like USTV247.


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