Extratorrent: How to unblock and best ways to access extratorrent proxy sites

Extratorrent is one of the oldest and most trusted websites where you can find links and sources for almost all movies, TV shows, anime, games and music. This is easily accessible and very user friendly making them much more attractive. When extratorrent was initially launched in 2006 it became popular almost immediately and everyone started using it. As it was easily accessible, people started using it and shared it among their peers. 

After some years many regulatory bodies from several countries tagged websites for piracy usage and extratorrent was one of them. Extratorrent was blocked in several countries from almost all the browsers and search engines. It means the website cannot be accessed just by typing out the link or clicking on it. It became much harder for people to access it. Unblocking extratorrent has several ways like proxy sites and VPN.

Why was extratorrent preferred so much? 

Extratorrent was preferred by everyone because it was easily accessible, the website was simple and most of all they had numerous and massive magnet links and torrent links which provided diverse contents with a single click. This made it extremely easy for the users as they had everything just in one website. This made extratorrent trustworthy and favourable.

How to unblock extratorrent?

In these times where it is difficult to access and unblock extratorrent, proxies are the only way to access or unblock any torrent site or piracy site. So what are proxy sites? Proxy sites are like agents which have the link of the original site. Proxy sites act as an agent for these sites where they link those sites in their proxy site. According to others this may seem like the proxy site is providing service to their client and for you the link will redirect you to the site, extratorrent here.

Many people confuse proxy sites with mirror links. Mirror links are completely different from proxy sites as their use and even creation is different. Proxy sites are like agents who have the client’s link which redirects you to them. Mirror link on the other hand is a variation of the original link which will redirect you. It’s a modified version with a new domain name and host code. The services are the same though. 

How to access extratorrent proxy sites to unblock it?

Mostly you can access an extratorrent proxy site just by typing it out which will be easy and won’t be a problem for you. Although if you live in one of the countries where extratorrent and their proxy sites are blocked then it is a difficult task. Extratorrent is a famous site where you can access almost all movies, TV shows, games and music which has numerous links containing different contents. If you don’t want to unblock or have the length of finding proxy sites then you can easily download an APK for their website where you can access all those links for various contents completely for free.

There are 3 ways in which you can access extratorrent proxy sites;

Mirror links: 

Mirror links are links with different domain names and different host code. Although their domain name has changed their service will remain the same and features will still be present. In order to access and unblock extratorrent you will need to reach a proxy site and mirror links are the best option. There are several alternatives such as unblocked which have access to various sites including extratorrent. There are many mirror sites and sites with mirror links to using which you can unblock extratorrent. Search “working extratorrent proxy/mirror sites”


VPN is the best option if you are looking to unblock not just extratorrent but every single website. VPN will give you access to a wide range of sites and applications without any kind of restriction making them highly recommended and favourable. All of your searches and operations in the browser or search engine will be just between your private network service provider and you making them incredibly safe too.first we must know in which countries extratorrent has been blocked in order to unblock it.

These are the countries in which extratorrent is blocked:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. United States
  3. India
  4. Pakistan
  5. Russia
  6. Turkey
  7. France
  8. Italy 

    So while selecting the country for your VPN choose the ones which has not blockd extratorrent or any site of your desired site.

Tor Browser:

Tor browser is one of the only browsers which has access to almost every site in the world without any restrictions as you or your activities cannot be tracked easily. Although I would like to remind you that tor browser is too powerful which gives you complete access but the security is not that good so please keep it mind while using it.


Extratorrent is an amazing site which massive links for various content and them being blocked made it really tough for people to access content. Out of all the options stated above it is highly recommended to use a VPN because they are the safest of all. They are completely secure and trustable. Many private network service providers have some great budget plans which you can afford. 

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