How to fix the ‘this site can’t be reached’ error?

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If you have entered a path and it is showing that ‘the site cannot be reached’. Click on details and you will see all these several details, so several reasons for that check your internet connection, firewall is blocking the IP address, or if you are using a proxy server. Step-by-step follow the guides if you would like to fix the problem. 

this site can’t be reached

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METHOD 1 to fix this site can’t be reached

You are going to see three dotted lines in the right corner and three dash lines, click on that, then go to the settings, click on settings and come down click on advanced. If you are using different browsers, check somewhere for the open proxy settings. In chrome, once you click on advanced then click on “open proxy settings” and then click on the connection. Once you choose the tab connection, click on LAN settings and uncheck the box of ‘use a proxy server for your LAN’, check the box of “automatically detect settings” and click on OK. Once you have done that you check it again. Now restart your computer and check if it is working or not.

proxy settings
Proxy settings page

METHOD 2 to fix this site can’t be reached

If that does not fix your issue, you can see the network icon in your taskbar on your computer screen, so right-click on it and click on troubleshoot the problem. It will start detecting the problem and then it is going to fix it. 

Click on Troubleshoot problems

METHOD 3 to fix this site can’t be reached

If this does not work, there is another method, give a right-click on it and click on open network and internet settings. Once you open that click on Ethernet and then click on change adapter settings then after give a right-click on the Ethernet icon, now click on properties. Once you click on properties, select ‘internet protocol version 4‘ (TCP/IPv4), select this and then click on properties so make sure that you have selected over here “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “obtain DNS server address automatically”. If you are using this IP address and DNS server manually you want to choose automatically. If you are already using the automatically even try putting this DNS and IP address manually and if it is manually change it to automatic, then click on OK, click on close.

internet protocol version 4
internet protocol version 4

METHOD 4 to fix this site can’t be reached

The next step you can follow to fix the problem is: Go to the sorts, then go to the start and type CMD which is command prompt, you can source for the command prompt, right-click on it and then click on run as administrator. If it asks you for any permission, click on yes, and then it will show a black screen. Now you have to type this path in the command prompt:

netsh winsock reset catalog

netsh winsock reset catalog

Make sure you type the path correctly without any spelling mistakes, now click on enter, wait for few seconds. Now you will see a message saying “Successfully reset the win stock catalog. You must restart the computer in order to complete the reset.”, therefore you have to restart your computer, and then once you restart again you type this:

netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log

This is the second step, do it after you restart your computer. After typing the above path click on enter, then you can see everything is ok, so once it is completed you just have to restart your computer.

METHOD 5 to fix this site can’t be reached

If the above method doesn’t fix your problem then you can try this method. Right-click on my computer or this PC, click on manage, click on device manager and then click on this network adaptor so right-click on it, click on scan for hardware change and then update the driver. You can update the driver or automatically update it over the internet.

scan for hardware change

METHOD 6 to fix this site can’t be reached

Try resetting IP. Start the command prompt as administrator, type the following command, and press enter after each one,





nets hint ip set dns

netsh winsock reset

Reboot to apply changes.

METHOD 7 to fix this site can’t be reached

Restart DNS client, press Windows key + R, then type services.msc and press Enter to open Services window, scroll down until you find DNS client, or press D to find it easily, right-click on client DNS and choose Restart. Now the DNS client will reboot and check if the error has been resolved or not.

DNS client

METHOD 8 to fix this site can’t be reached chrome

Reinstall Chrome, go to Control Panel and click uninstall a program and uninstall Google Chrome from your computer. Completely uninstall, then go to

uninstall chrome

 c / user / username / AppData / Local / Google

 delete everything in this folder, download and install the latest version of the Google Chrome browser, restart your computer, open Chrome and try again.

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METHOD 9 to fix this site can’t be reached

Change the IPv4 DNS address. Right-click on the network icon in the systray and click on Open Network and Sharing Center, click on your active network connection and then click on Properties in the WiFi property sheets, select Internet Protocol version 4 TCP / IP and click Properties, enable the use of Enter the following DNS server addresses, enter the following address in a Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server: 88888844, check the Validate on exit setting, then click Click OK and click Close.

DNS server

METHOD 10 to fix this site can’t be reached chrome

Reset Google Chrome settings, open Google Chrome, then type:

 chrome: // flags

 in the address bar and hit Enter. In the next window, proceed carefully and click on Reset all defaults, finally reboot to apply the changes and launch Google Chrome. This bug has been fixed, this site cannot be accessed unless the next method is continued.


 If you use Word Press regularly, CMS-specific errors, such as database connection errors, are quite common.

The NX domain part represents the non-existent domain. There are different variations of this error depending on the browser used. In Google Chrome it looks like this:

 The most common solutions for this error are:

1. Reset Chrome flags. Sometimes Chrome settings or experimental features can be accidentally changed or broken. This is easy to fix. You can reset them to default settings by entering chrome: // flags in your browser and clicking Reset all defaults. Then restart your browser.

2. Rebooting the devices actually clears much of the temporary cache.

 Between clearing your DNS cache, renewing your IP, and trying different DNS servers, hopefully, you should be surfing the internet again in no time. Try all the above methods; hopefully, it will solve the problem.

3. An alternative method of cleaning and renewing your DNS is to disable and re-enable your network adapter. Like Windows, Mac users can flush their local DNS cache, although it does so in a different location. However, note that you will not see a success message on a Mac.

4. Check the DNS of your domain. If you are only getting this DNS error on a single domain, you may need to check the DNS settings of the domain name yourself even after checking your host’s file. In this case, the second option mentioned above would have solved that.

5.  If you are on Windows, the next solution may be to try restarting the DNS client service, which will resolve and cache DNS domain names. Alternatively, if the restart option is grayed out, you can do it from the command prompt.

6. Just replace the DNS server addresses with Google’s. Google and Cloudflare are not always perfect. And there have been a few cases where we’ve found that switching back fixed the issues.

Click the network icon, then click Advanced. Click on the DNS tab. Then add the Cloudflare DNS server addresses.

7. Temporarily disable VPN and antivirus. This affects VPNs and antivirus software that can conflict or misconfigure your network, including your DNS servers. If you’ve run any, try shutting them down temporarily to see if it fixes this DNS issue in Chrome.

 Try all the above methods; hopefully, it will solve the problem. Make sure you have all your files save in the backup. If all these methods do not work, try contacting an expert.

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