The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Will Use EVS Technology to Extend Its Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Will Use EVS Technology to Extend Its Battery Life

Several things have been said about the Samsung Galaxy S24 in the past few weeks. Recent rumors say that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra may have fewer cameras and a faster GPU than the iPhone 15. While the GPU report is still being worked on, there are rumors that Samsung will improve its battery. The story says that Samsung will improve the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s battery by using a technology that is used in electric cars.

It’s possible that Samsung SDI, the part of the company that works on R&D for Li-Ion batteries, has plans to add technology that will make Galaxy phones and tablets last longer. Samsung’s electric car batteries also use this technology. With this “stacking” method, battery parts like cathodes and anodes are stacked in a way that holds more energy.

Samsung Sdi Will Partner with Two Chinese Brands for This New Battery Tech

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to use EVs tech for longer battery life

The Elec says that stacking the parts of the battery will also let Galaxy phones have bigger batteries. Also, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which will come out next year, might soon use this battery tech. Samsung could add 10% to the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 5,000 mAh battery to make it last longer. But the company will stay the same size because it will use new technology for electric cells.

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