The Real Name And Face Of Technoblade

After a long struggle with cancer, Technoblade’s father revealed that his son had died. His father uploaded a video in which he discussed Alex, the YouTuber’s real name.

We will add more material to the remaining portion of the article. For the time being, we can only say, Rest in peace, brother Alex.

Numerous individuals are currently attempting their luck on YouTube channels, and there are numerous examples in front of us of those who have achieved immense public fame due to their unique video material. Technoblade is an established YouTuber. If you’re interested in discovering more about him, continue reading to discover more about Technoblade, including his real name, face, and everything else.

Technoblade is an internet influencer since he is an American Minecraft gamer and YouTuber with a significant social media following. In 2017, Technoblade shocked many fans of the incredibly talented player who had fantasised what he may look like.

He usually hides behind a Pighead mask, but after completing the toughest task in Minecraft using a steering wheel, he revealed his face in real time to his audience.

Who is Technoblade and What’s His Real Name?

Alex is the nickname of American gamer and YouTuber Technoblade. He is one of the most in-demand online influencers due to his extensive social media following. Currently, he has over 8.05 million YouTube subscribers, where he primarily publishes videos of his games and the occasional humorous clip. The streamer is renowned for his gaming prowess, as well as the amount of planning and skill he employs in his games.

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Family and Early Life

Technoblade was raised in the United States of America, in the state of California, where he was born. He is an American citizen and a member of the Caucasian racial group. With one brother and two sisters, he grew up in a huge household.
However, he has said nothing about his brother. In the same manner, he has concealed the identities of his parents.

Regarding his education, we believe the young man completed elementary school and high school. Technoblade looks to be keeping a low profile regarding his education.

YouTube Career

How old is Technoblade? - See face reveal, real name and net worth

YouTube has benefited the career of Technoblade. Technoblade versus Mineplex’s owner was the title of the video he published on October 30, 2013, the day after he began his successful expedition.

His channel’s former moniker was TechnoThePig, but he has since changed it. He is commonly considered to be one of the best Minecraft PVP players. The majority of his films are created on the Hypixel server for Minecraft.

The Pixel Skyblock Experiment, Proof I Don’t Auto-Click, Skyblock: The Great Potato War, and Beating Minecraft Hardcore Mode with a Steering Wheel are among his most well-known works.

Ph1LzA is pleased to count Technoblade among its members. Additionally, Wilbursoot and Sleepy Bois Inc. are linked with him. His most well-known Minecraft broadcasts are Minecraft Story Mode, SMP Earth, Hypixel Bed Wars, party games, and Minecraft Mondays.

Technoblade Face Reveal

Technoblade Face Reveal

In 2017, despite the fact that many of Technoblade’s loyal admirers had been guessing about his appearance, he stunned them with a startling announcement.

Usually, he hides his identity behind a Pighead mask, but he momentarily revealed himself to his followers during the broadcast when he attempted to complete “the craziest challenge in Minecraft” by utilising a steering wheel to win. The footage in which he shows his face can be viewed below.

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Is TechnoBlade Dating?

Since Technoblade has not been in a relationship recently, we will presume that he is currently single. Regardless, he may be concealing their link.

As of the time of this writing, the YouTuber has acknowledged only one relationship on his channel. Technoblade loves to keep his personal and business lives separate, so he keeps the majority of his information confidential. We can only hope he begins to reveal more intimate details about himself.


In a world where not everyone has equal access to opportunities, some individuals have devised ingenious means of bridging the gap. Technoblade is among the pioneers of this new age. He has flipped the success formula on its head by doing something entirely different.

Who would have thought that playing video games on a server and streaming them or recording videos of oneself playing video games has such a tremendous earning potential? As a result of Technoblade and those like him, the following generation is encouraged to try something new because doing so is acceptable.


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