Stopworldcontrol.Com Traffic Analytics & Market Share is a website that is dedicated to stopping world control. The website traffic analytics and market share for this website is extremely important because it helps to show how popular the site is and how much of an impact it has on the internet. The website traffic analytics and market share for show that the site is very popular and is growing at a rapid pace. The site has a lot of unique visitors and the majority of them are from the United States. The site is also ranked highly in many countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Traffic Overview

stopworldcontrol com is one of the top 1,000 websites in the world according to Alexa traffic rankings. The site has a global rank of 575 and a rank of 217 in the United States. The site has been online for more than ten years and has a reputation for being a reliable source of information on a variety of topics.

The website receives an average of nearly 30 million pageviews per month, with peak traffic occurring during the months of January and February. The vast majority of traffic to the site comes from organic search, followed by direct traffic and referrals.

Top keywords that drive traffic to the site include “stop world control,” “new world order,” and “Illuminati.” The site’s mission statement is “to promote freedom and liberty around the world by exposing the truth about the New World Order.”

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Top Referring Sites

In order to better understand the traffic on, it is helpful to look at the top referring sites. The following is a list of the top 10 referring sites to, as well as the percentage of total traffic that each site represents:

1. Google (63%)
2. Facebook (19%)
3. Twitter (5%)
4. YouTube (4%)
5. Reddit (2%)
6. Tumblr (1%)
7. StumbleUpon (1%)
8. Pinterest (0.5%)
9. LinkedIn (0.3%)
10. Other (<0.1%)

Market Share Traffic Analytics & Market Share | Similarweb

In the online world, traffic refers to the number of visitors that a website receives. The higher the traffic, the more popular the site is. There are many ways to measure traffic, but one of the most common is through market share.

Market share is simply the percentage of total web traffic that a particular site receives. For example, if has a market share of 1%, that means that 1% of all web traffic goes to our site.

There are many factors that can influence a website’s market share, such as the overall popularity of the site, the quality of its content, and its search engine ranking. Given all of these factors, it’s no surprise that has a strong market share in the conspiracy theory niche!

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Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis | Business Makeover

In order to better understand the competitive landscape for online political news, it is important to analyze the traffic of similar websites. Based on data from and, the following is a comparison of the top 5 websites in this category:

1. – 18,392 global monthly unique visitors

2. – 8,746 global monthly unique visitors

3. – 7,868 global monthly unique visitors

4. – 6,874 global monthly unique visitors

5. – 4,412 global monthly unique visitors has nearly double the amount of traffic as its next closest competitor, It also has significantly more traffic than other well-known sites in the category such as and This indicates that is a leading source for online political news and information

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Conclusion traffic analytics show that the site has a lot of potential. The market share is small, but it’s growing quickly. And, with the right marketing strategy, could become a major player in the online traffic market.

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