Sportsmansguide.Com Traffic Analytics & Market Shar is one of the world’s leading online hunting and fishing retailers. With a team of experts, we help hunters and anglers find the best gear, destinations, and more. In order to do this, we employ traffic analytics to understand our user base and their behavior. This blog post will explore how uses traffic analytics to understand user behavior and grow our market share. We’ll explain how we use different measures to determine site performance, uncovering insights that help us improve the user experience and grow our business.

Sportsmansguide.Com Traffic Analytics Traffic Analytics & Market Share | Similarweb is a website that offers information on hunting, fishing and outdoor activities. According to the web traffic analysis conducted by AWP, has a monthly global traffic of 1,248,000 unique visitors. This in the top 10% of all websites worldwide.

AWP also found that’s market share (defined as the percentage of all websites that are more popular than it) is 2%. This means that occupies a relatively small portion of the online hunting, fishing and outdoor activity market but nevertheless remains an important source of information for those interested in these pursuits…

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Market Share Analysis

Market Share Analysis – Slidequest

According to the latest figures from, the website boasts a market share of 11.5% within the hunting and fishing industry. This puts it firmly in the mix when it comes to providing information on the latest products and services available from this sector.

The site has gradually been building its presence in this market over the past few years, and has made considerable progress thanks to its well-developed content offering and effective marketing strategy. In addition to its main site, also operates a number of affiliated websites, which helps to increase its reach even further.

This level of market penetration clearly demonstrates that is a valuable resource for those interested in hunting or fishing activities, and it is likely that this share will continue to grow in the coming years.

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