6 Best Similarweb Alternatives and Competitors

Looking for the best Similarweb alternative for your organisation? Keep reading.

Similarweb is a market intelligence platform that delivers insight into any website’s traffic, interaction, and audience.

Such major companies as eBay, Google, and Microsoft use this technology.

But is it the appropriate tool for your organisation?

Perhaps you do not want insights across all channels, but only for SEO and/or PPC. Or you may be on a tighter budget.

In this article, we will examine the top alternatives to Similarweb.

Some tools allow you to monitor your whole site’s traffic strategy, including engagement analytics across several devices, while others specialise in delivering insights for SEO and PPC channels only.

Top 6 Similarweb Competitors to Consider
1. SEMrush

SEMrush is an excellent alternative to Similarweb for multiple reasons. First, they provide every functionality and context for usability that SimilarWeb delivers, with the exception of a different method for displaying where your competition’s traffic originates (organic traffic vs paid traffic analysis capabilities).

While many of these tools include diverse SEO functions, including keyword research, link building, rank tracking, and more, Similarweb focuses only on traffic and audience analytics.

In this article, we will thus examine the finest Similarweb alternatives for acquiring these precise insights.

Planning to investigate the rankings, social media exposure, site reputation, and advertising toolbox approaches of your industry’s leaders and rising stars?

This information will be presented in an easily digestible and practical style by SEMrush so that you can not only obtain the statistics but also apply them to enhance your own internet marketing initiatives.

Try them out if you wish to track, comprehend, and compare your own and others’ links and backlinking strategies.

They offer valuable metrics. This way, you can track what to do to make your domain more authoritative (ranking tracking, shares, exposure, trending, etc.), generate content that has a greater influence on social media, bursts with positive results for you, and earns you high marks from industry experts.

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2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a fantastic option to Similarweb if you are seeking a comprehensive backlinks intelligence solution. The suite’s backlinking analysis toolkit enables you to filter and discover referred sites (traffic sources), as well as identify which links get followed and are, therefore, more consequential to your authority domain objectives.

Their batch analysis feature enables you to input many backlinks from a competitor’s website with a single click. This saves you a tonne of time compared to manually entering each backlink, especially if you wish to compare, analyse, and get actionable ideas from a large number of domains.

Ahrefs enables SEO professionals (webmasters or digital marketers) to discover which SEO and link-building techniques have the most influence on certain sites, audiences, products, and services.

Although Ahrefs requires a bit of a learning curve and does its off-page SEO and competition analysis outside of your website, the tool will ultimately assist you in achieving your internet/affiliate marketing objectives by a substantial margin.

3. SpyFu

SpyFu is a fascinating addition to my examination of the best similar-website alternatives. It is an industry-proven suite with a strong focus on competition.

With SpyFu, you can search for any domain online and gain access to their Google footprints, Adwords data, and organic ranking for the past twelve years.

This tool focuses mostly on optimising backlinks, search engine rankings, and PPC advertising.

The search engine prowess of Spyfu enables you to acquire data on websites’ rank trackers for the same keyword you are employing. The application will enable you to create content that is superior to that of your competitors. Through PPC research, Spyfu gives you access to all of your competitors’ keywords, advertising, and outcomes.

Due to the fact that your competitors have already conducted the necessary research, you will be able to pay for effective PPC advertising on a tight budget.

Obtaining high-quality backlinks is not easy, so why not let Spyfu tell you what the competition is doing? This should guide you in the direction of websites that offer valuable backlinking services.

What are Spyfu’s SEO Tools main features?

  • Keyword Ad history
  • Keyword smart search
  • Spyfu classic
  • Spyfu Kombat
  • Domain Ad history
  • Top 100 lists

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4. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is also one of the fastest-growing competitors in the SEO tools market, with over 350,000 users and an SEO software toolset that is very similar to that of the market leaders.

SE Ranking pleasantly impressed me with more than 2 billion keyword data sets and a keyword research tool and competition research utility that are as simple to use as SEMrush’s.

Best of all, the beginning monthly price for SE Ranking is only $39/month, making it a significantly more affordable option to SEMrush, Ahrefs, and other “major” SEO tools.

  • Competitor Traffic Analysis (a sort of Google Analytics substitute for competitors)
  • Keyword Competitor Analysis
  • Competitor Backlink Analysis
  • Competitive Market Landscape
  • Competitor Global Metrics Data
  • Competitor Ads Data
  • Competitor Historical Data

5. Moz Local

Moz Local has existed for some time. It is also one of the greatest SimilarWeb alternatives available, particularly for local search campaigns (but Moz Pro is also a great Similarweb Pro alternative).

They provide a straightforward, intuitive platform and experience from the get-go. You will also like their synchronisation tools, which allow you to enter your company’s information on one platform and have it updated across all of their other databases.

Their paid package is also less costly than Alexa’s, so your small business can utilise it with less risk. You can also study many websites instead of focusing on a single campaign at a time, saving you time and money by preventing you from missing out on chances that demand fast action.

Using Moz Local will help you gradually increase your exposure in mobile and desktop search results. They may assist you in achieving this by creating powerful, accurate, and sound company listings that drive online and foot traffic to your local store (thus Moz “Local”).

Therefore, if you are seeking a reliable online traffic and referring tool for your local store’s growth, they may be of assistance.

Moz, Ispionage, and UpCity are also viable choices.

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6. Quantcast

There are several explanations why an astounding amount of websites utilise Quantcast. Approximately 15% of websites, presumably your most formidable competitors, utilise them to track marketing tags.
More webmasters and digital marketing professionals desire the paid edition for its demographics, lifestyle, and visitor behaviours across the web and a portion of mobile applications.

It surpasses the traffic estimation efforts of SimilarWeb and Compete by displaying in-depth traffic data on the precise kind of visitors you receive (based on demographics).

While much of the useful information is restricted to the subscription edition, the free version provides you with graphical data so you can quickly determine what to do next.

After registering, however, you can compare your actions to those of other players as long as they are in the Quantcast database, which is rather large (global) if you want assurance beforehand.


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