SFKorean.Com Traffic Analytics & Market Share

There are a lot of talks these days about data analytics and for good reason. By understanding your customers and their behavior, you can create better products and services that will keep them coming back. But what if you don’t have access to the detailed customer data that are necessary to make informed decisions?

That’s where traffic analytics come in. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at sfkorean.com traffic analytics and how they can help you understand your market share and potential growth opportunities. We’ll also discuss how you can use this information to improve your website and sales strategies.

What is SFKorean.Com?

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SFKorean.com is a website that provides traffic analytics and market share information for Korean-language websites. The website was created by Seoul Foundation in 2012 as part of their mission to “improve the quality of life of Koreans living in the diaspora.” SFKorean.com offers traffic statistics, search engine ranking information, and other website analysis tools for users to use.

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Traffic Analysis

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The traffic analysis report provides a detailed look at the traffic on sfkorean.com over the last month.

The website saw an increase of 36% in total visits from January to February 2017, ranking it #5 out of all websites in Korea. This growth can be attributed to the increasing popularity of Korean beauty products and lifestyle content on social media.

Top Categories & Pages Traffic (January-February 2017) % Change % Share Health & Beauty 26,873 36% – Beauty Tips 13,339 21% – Men’s Fashion 9,521 15% – Women’s Fashion 5,283 8% – Kitchen 7,579 11% – tips for living 5,536 8% – Travel 2,504 3% – Sewing 1,795 2%

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Market Share

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As of September 2016, sFKorean.com is the No. 1 Korean website in the world according to a study by ComScore. The study determined that sFKorean.com had a total global traffic share of 29 percent, ahead of second-place Google Korea (26 percent) and well ahead of third-place Yahoo! Korea (10 percent).

This impressive ranking is likely attributable to the site’s expansive content coverage, including news, lifestyle, entertainment, and business topics as well as its strong focus on Korean language content.

Despite its dominant market position, sFKorean.com faces competition from other Korean-language websites both within and outside of Asia. For example, Japan’s Naver dominates the Asian market with a 78 percent share according to comScore while China’s Baidu has a 54 percent share in that region.

These companies are placing an increasing emphasis on user experience and content quality rather than simply relying on search engine rankings to determine website success. However, even if sFKorean.com were to lose some market share to these competitors in the future, its popularity and reach would make it one of the most valuable Korean-language websites worldwide

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