How to remove activate windows watermark

Whenever our license expires or if we use a counterfeit version of windows or any service packages even after its expiry date then we all will get this one annoying watermark saying “Activate Windows”. This watermark is there to remind you that your version of Windows must be activated. 

But why activate windows? If you do then you can activate some great features provided by windows such as windows defender, enabling Microsoft office installation, and security updates. These are extremely important for your computer and this is the reason you need to activate windows. 

What is the easiest way to remove the activate windows watermark?

It is simple and you probably know the answer too, the easiest way to activate windows is to purchase a license key and use it to make your version of windows official. This is the easiest and the most recommended solution. Afterall having the official version of windows is always good. How to do that? Pretty simple

  1. Open settings and go to update and security
Easiest way to remove watermark
  1. Now select the activate windows option. Before that make sure that you have purchased a windows activation key from Microsoft official website or Amazon
Activate windows
  1. Once you enter the key and follow the process then it’s all set. Now you will have an official version of windows

If you don’t want to purchase a license key, here is how you remove activate the windows watermark:

Using Regedit

  1. In the search bar near start type Regedit and open it
By using Regedit
  1. Now go to the following address in the left side panel: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Control panel > Desktop
By using Reddit
  1. Now go to PaintDesktopVersion and double click on it. The hexadecimal option should be selected and change value to 0.
  2. Now restart your computer
  3. Once the system restarts the watermark would have gone

Using windows Ease of access

  1. Go to control panel and click on ease of access centre
Using window ease of access
  1. Once you go into ease of access centre select the ‘make the computer easy to see’ option
Using window ease of access
  1. Go into it and enable the remove background option. You will find it if you scroll down
Using window ease of access
  1. Restart your system
  2. Once you have restarted your system the watermark should have been removed

Disable it using Comand prompt

  1. On the search bar beside start button type CMD and open it
  1. In the command prompt enter, the following text: bcdedit -set TESTSGNING OFF and then press enter
  2. Once you hit enter you will be shown a message saying “operation completed successfully”
  3. Restart your system and the watermark should have gone

Disable the windows activation watermark using Windows Powershell

  1. Type Powershell in the search bar, right-click on it, and select Run as administrator option
Using window ease of access
  1. Now in the PowerShell type the following: slmgr/renew. And then press enter
  2. Now restart your system and then activate windows watermark would have vanished


It is highly recommended to use the official version of windows which you can purchase or activate from Microsoft itself because it will give you tons of features. If you have an official version you can also take it for official service and you will also have a warranty. Only if you cannot purchase the windows activate the key, use the methods stated in this article to remove the windows activation watermark.

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