PS5 Slim: When Will We See a Smaller, Lighter PlayStation 5?

ps5 slim

Players who have been turned off by the size of the standard console are likely to be interested in the PS5 Slim when it comes out. However, Slim consoles are really just a way to save money along with a more attractive option. As production costs go down and more efficient parts become available, a smaller, cheaper PS5 that gives the same experience may be on the way sooner than we think.

In fact, Sony has already begun to make the PS5 smaller, at least on the inside. New models of the PS5 Digital Edition, CFI-1100B, are a whopping 300 grams lighter than the launch model, and Sony even changed the screw that comes with the PS5’s stand. The heatsink on this updated console has also been changed, making the system lighter.

But there are a few things to keep in mind about changes to the hardware. Launch models, which can be over-engineered at times, can sometimes feel more expensive than slim consoles. Even though that doesn’t always happen, removing features can sometimes save money. On the PS4 Slim, for example, the optical port that was on the launch model has been taken away.

Still, the PS5 Slim’s smaller size should make up for most of the bad things that come with a cheaper design. Sony will eventually replace the original console design with its new one because it wants to make as much money as possible while making it. If you’re thinking about buying a PS5 Slim, here’s what you can expect from Sony’s slimmer new hardware update.

PS5 Slim Price and Release Date

ps5 slim

The PS5 Slim will probably be cheaper than the original PS5, which cost $499.99, £449.99, or AU$749.95 when it came out. Since then, the price of the PS5 has gone up to £479.99, €549.99, or AU$799.95. We’d expect it to be about $100 cheaper than the PS4’s launch price, which was $399/£349. The $499/£449 price tag for the original PS5 will probably be replaced by a PS5 Pro, just like when the PS4 Pro came out.

It’s not clear if Sony will make a PS5 Slim Digital Edition, but if they do, we would expect it to be priced the same as before, with a $100/£90 discount over the disc version. That could make Sony’s all-digital console very appealing, but at this point, we don’t know if Sony will make another digital model.

In the past, Sony made a Slim version of its consoles three years after the first one came out. This was the case with PS3 and PS4, but it took four and six years for PS2 Slim and PS One to come out. So, it seems likely that a PS5 Slim will come out in late 2023 or early 2024.

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PS5 Slim Design

ps5 slim

Even though it’s impossible to know exactly what a PS5 Slim would look like, its size and weight are likely to shrink quite a bit. It’s likely that the design won’t change too much from what Sony had in mind, so expect a smaller, more compact version of what the PS5 looks like now.

The PS5 is the biggest console Sony has ever made. If you put it vertically, it will take up a lot of space in your home entertainment center. We’d love it if Sony got rid of the stand for people who put the console on its side, and we think it’ll be a lot shorter than the PS5 we have now.

Sony has already cut 300 grams off the weight of the current PS5 models, but we’d also expect to see more changes to the heavy frame of the console. At 8.6 pounds, it’s the second-heaviest system Sony has made to date, just a bit lighter than the PS3.

So far, only one unofficial attempt to make a PS5 Slim has been made. Back in June, one YouTuber’s PS5 Slim fit the console into a small shell, but it was a bit of a cheat because the power unit was in a separate large brick. We don’t think Sony will ever use this method, but it was an interesting try.

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PS5 Slim Specs

ps5 slim

The PS5 Slim will probably have the same specs as the PS5, but previous Slim versions have had small performance improvements. Microsoft made the Xbox One S a little bit faster, and Nintendo gave the New Nintendo 3DS more power so it could play certain games. Sony hasn’t changed the hardware in Slim models much, and with the PS5 Pro coming out soon, it wouldn’t make much sense for them too.

Sony could add more storage to the PS5 Slim or at least make it available in two different models for people who want a little more room to store games. There’s also a chance that the ports on the console will change or move, like how the PS4 Slim got rid of its optical port.

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PS5 Slim: Should I wait?

The PS5 Slim will be less expensive than the current PS5, which costs $499 or £449, and its smaller size will appeal to people who think the PlayStation 5 is too big. But you may have to wait a long time.

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