Phoenix OS – How to download and install it

If you are one of those people who absolutely love desktop view for your android apps, then you have come to the right place. It is comfortable and familiar, making it easy to use and understand. Using a desktop site will actually make you much more productive for those who are familiar with it. The problem is there aren’t many applications and softwares which provide this complete feature.

That’s where Phoenix OS comes in, it’s a free application which provides you a desktop environment for your android applications. It has almost everything from taskbar to file management and even a proper multi window support. A drawback with Phoenix OS is that it does not come with google play services, means you cannot use all the applications that are offered by playstore. You can still use APKs to download the softwares and applications that you want. 

Why should you download Phoenix OS?

There are many companies out there who try to replicate the desktop experience by creating various softwares. Google has been developing and experimenting with Chrome OS which is made completely for productive purposes by providing you the desktop experience, but they cannot be downloaded independently. Only if you buy a chromebook or a pixel slate, you can get your hands on chrome OS making it difficult to access them. Samsung on the other hand have launched their all new ‘Dex’ mode which is amazing and works great but you have to spend quite a bit of money on those high end Samsung phones in order to experience them. A suitable dock is also necessary on which you have to spend some money on.

If we eliminate all these expensive and inaccessible softwares then we only have desktop emulators in our hand and among those Phoenix OS is the best. It is widely used and supports a wide range of devices too.

Downloading Phoenix OS:

In order to download Phoenix OS, visit their website. Type “Phoenix OS’ in google and click the first link where they will have a downloadable link ready for you. The site will show you the versions and you can download among them. Usually there are two variants, an executable file or an ISO disc.

Installing Phoenix OS

In order to install phoenix OS you need to have a windows PC which has at least 2GB of free space and an intel x86 processor or an Atom processor which is not more than 5 years old. Any processors which are equivalent to this specification can also be used. 

An advantage with Phoenix OS is that you download it both as an executable file or an ISO file whichever suits your need. Installing Phoenix OS is a simple process in both executable file and ISO file.

In order to install it through an executable file it is recommended to create a separate partition using the windows partition management tool. Keep it as a separate partition from Windows partition.

Once you do this go to the Phoenix OS partition and run the executable file. The setup process will guide you throughout the installation by providing step by step instructions making it extremely easy to use. Once you are done with it you can start using Phoenix OS. If you don’t want to download the executable file version of Phoenix OS then you can obviously download the ISO file. 

In any case you don’t like that OS or its features then you can easily uninstall it. Switch to the Windows partition, run the executable file and select uninstall.

In case you have downloaded the ISO file of Phoenix OS then you need to mount the file to a disc using an ISO software. Once you do that you will find a setup file which will once again guide you through the process step by step with full instructions.

Once you have downloaded and  installed Phoenix OS then you can do almost everything you want. You can use the text editor or mobile applications and games too. Almost all the apps and games in Phoenix have keyboard and mouse support making it comfortable to use. Although we must remind you that some battle royale games and games like Call of duty mobile will ban you as you will have an unfair advantage over other mobile gamers.

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