Does Paramount Plus Have a Student Discount?

paramount plus student discount

Does CBS all access come to mind? It was a service for paying for live TV that was made in 2014. At that time, it was a lot. But not everyone saw what it could do. So, it started losing money and had to be shut down. But it was recently put out again under a different name.

Its name has changed to Paramount+. American streaming service Paramount+ has a lot of movies, TV shows, news, and sports channels. There is also a discount for students through Paramount Plus. So, if you are 16 or older and a full-time college student, you can get a discount from Paramount+. Let’s talk about everything this Paramount Plus Offer has to offer.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Paramount Plus student discount, including how much it is, what plans it applies to, who can get it, and how.

What is Paramount Plus?

It’s become a popular streaming service because it doesn’t charge too much. Many people even compare it to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar.

What is Paramount Plus

Paramount+ stands out because it has content from Nickelodeon, MTV, BET, Paramount, Comedy Central, and Paramount, all of which are part of the larger Viacom CBS network.

On the video streaming service, you can watch a lot of great movies, cartoons, TV shows, and Live Sports. All things considered, it’s a complete streaming service that can easily compete with Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and others.

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How Much Does Paramount Plus Cost?

In Paramount plus, there are mostly just two plans. The Essential Plan + Showtime is the first, and the Premium Plan + Showtime is the second. Here are the prices for both plans.

1. Essential plan (Has advertising) + Showtime

  • $11.99 per month
  • $119.99 per year

2. Premium plan (No Advertising) + Showtime

  • $14.99 per month
  • $149.99 per year

Local CBS affiliates can’t be streamed with the “essential” package from Paramount+. But there were separate live feeds for the NFL on CBS and the UEFA championships.

How Much is a Paramount Plus Student Discount?

If you are a student, you can get a 25% discount on the Essential monthly subscription from Paramount Plus. But you can only get the discount on the “essential” package, which has ads. There is no student discount for the paid plan that doesn’t have ads.

How Much is a Paramount Plus Student Discount

Once you sign up for the Paramount Plus student discount, your discounted rate will stay the same for the next four years. This means that even if you graduate early, you can still use the Student discount.

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Eligibility for Paramount Plus Student Discount

Students can get a discount from Paramount Plus, but which students can get it? College students can get a discount on subscriptions to Paramount Plus that are supported by ads. The discount brings the monthly price of the Essential Plan down by 25%, to about $3.74. With this offer, college students can lock in a lower rate for the next four years, no matter when they graduate.

  • Those interested in signing up at a discount must first visit the website and complete the requisites. The applicant’s first and last names, email addresses, date of birth, and college or university where they are currently enrolled must be provided.
  • After submitting the necessary information, the “Verify” button can be accessed with a single click or tap.
  • As soon as the student information is entered, the system will try to confirm their identity and access. The student can move on to the next step of the Paramount+ signup process and provide their payment information if everything is verified. If it fails, the student won’t be able to join up at the discount rates.
  • In the next step, the student may be required to give further information, like submitting supporting documentation to verify that they are students. The applicant’s full name and the date they enrolled at an approved Title IV college or university must be confirmed in these documents. These are the documents that can be provided:
    1. College ID Card (with expiration date)
    2. Report Card
    3. Document that mentions first and last name, school, enrollment date, etc.

Students who are 16 or older and enrolled in a Title IV-approved college or university can save 25% on the Essential plan. Your monthly cost goes down from $4.99 to $3.74 because you are a student. To become a new member and take advantage of these discounts over the next four years, you will need to show proof that you are a student. Members who have already signed up for the service can’t get the discount.

What’s Included in The Paramount Plus Student Pack?

With this package, you can watch all of Netflix’s content, from original shows like Star Trek: Picard and The Good Fight to fan favorites like RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars. But there’s also something bad about it. There are only a few live TV shows that can be watched.

The student discount doesn’t cover the premium plan, which has more features and costs $9.99 a month or $99.96 a year. If you can’t stand seeing ads every so often, you’ll have to switch to the premium plan.

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How to Get Paramount Plus Student Discount?

To get the Paramount+ student discount, students must show their student ID. SheerID, a third-party service, is used by Paramount Plus to make sure that you are a student.

After sending in the documents asked for, the user must wait for the process of verification. This could take up to half an hour. There will be a confirmation email sent to you.

Note that the student discount can only be used by people who have never used the service before. But current users can always drop out of their Paramount Plus plan and sign up again as students. Customers who cancel and then resubscribe should be able to use the same email address, but they might have to wait until the end of their current monthly period.

Wrapping Up:

That’s everything you need to know about the student discount for Paramount Plus. Sign up if you are a student who is eligible for the discount. The steps are written up above. If you have any questions, please tell us in the comments section below.

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