How to move steam games to another drive

What is steam?

Steam is a free platform where you can buy and download games. The application is free but the games are not. Some are free but mostly you have to pay for them. Steam was launched by Valve who are also game creators. Steam has been famous and the best for downloading and installing games. It gained popularity due to its extremely user-friendly features and interface, and not to mentioned its wide range of collections. If you are an independent gamer and wish to create games, you can sell your own game on steam too!

Usually Steam offers you to choose where you want to install the game before downloading but one problem that always existed was that it will be extremely difficult to move those games. You have to uninstall it and install it using another folder which takes a lot of time, not to mention the data. 

But due to recent updates, it has become comparatively easy to move the steam games. In case you have a new hard disk and you want to move the games you need not uninstall and reinstall them every time, you can just move them easily. In this article, we are going to see how to move your steam games to another folder

Create Folder

The first step to move the steam games to another drive is simple, create a folder in that another drive using steam. Go to steam settings. In settings go to the downloads tab where you will find an option called steam library folders, open that. Once you have opened it, select the add library folders option. Choose the folder of your desire from that drive and click ok

move steam games to another dirve

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Moving the games to the newly selected folder

Now in order to move the games to another folder go to your stream library and select a game, right-click on it and select the properties option. Go to the local files tab where you will find an option called move install folder, select that option change the folder according to your desire.

Move games to newly selected folder
  1. Now repeat the second step for every steam game that you want to move to another drive. It is a simple and effective process that takes little to no time. 


This was not possible before but with recent updates released by steam moving your games to another drive has become an easy task and this was the feature that most people were actually waiting for too. The only con you may face is that in case you have many games then you need to move each and every steam game one by one to another drive which may be slightly time-consuming but is definitely worth it. 

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