Here Are the Top 8 Facts You Should Know About Mediatakeout

Mediatakeout is a website dedicated to celebrity gossip and news. The website focuses primarily on African-American celebrities, and the homepage has several celebrity-related news, headlines, and comments.

Mediatakeout’s owner and creator is Fred Mwangaguhunga. In 2006, he created the website, which began to receive millions of visitors every day as its popularity grew.

Now, the Media take out is a multimillion dollar enterprise with 14 million website views every day. According to the claims, Mwangaguhunga started Mediatakeout for less than $600 and is now generating millions of dollars.

History Of Mediatakeout (


It appears that the history of media takeaway is extremely interesting. Fred Mwangaguhunga began his entrepreneurial career with an online washing service before transitioning into the online advertising industry.

Soon thereafter, he decided to leave the laundry business and pursue a career in blogging. He established Mediatakeout, a publication devoted solely to celebrity news and gossip.

After a few months, this website exploded in popularity. Currently, Alexa ranks this website among the top 20,000 websites worldwide. The website draws millions of visitors per month.

You will also learn about some of the most prominent urban celebrity stories through interviews and sources.

Mediatakeout Success Factors

Things you didn’t know about Mediatakeout

Mediatakeout was primarily concerned with its readers and great brand equity. Mwangaguhunga, taking a lesson from digital companies like as Twitter and Facebook, prioritised readership growth over immediate monetization.

In addition, its robust brand equity is the most effective determinant for media takeout. It allowed the website to command higher advertising rates and attract important sources for stories.

Good sources for exposing articles are essential for websites like Mediatakeout in order to attract and retain users. Therefore, after six months of hard labour, the site gained worldwide popularity.

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Mediatakeout’s Business Model

Mediatakeout generates revenue from advertisements, as do the majority of media and news organisations. The website’s material is extremely distinctive in comparison to other news websites and channels.

This website provides nuanced coverage of breaking news stories that resonates to its readership. Moreover, even those who have not visited the website are aware of its existence and purpose.

Some Unknown Facts About Mediatakeout

Mediatakeout employs such captivating headers that it immediately attracts the attention of others. Now, let’s analyse some of the most unknown facts about media takeout in 2022.

1. They Make Original Programming

Mediatakeout, according to its future ambitions, will expand its programming into television and radio. This has already begun with the creation of a real dating programme that is broadcast from the website’s homepage.

2. Facebook Is The Main Source Of Traffic For The Site

Yes, the popularity of social media sites like Facebook was the key driver of site traffic. The volume of traffic has gradually increased since they joined Facebook.

3. Kanye West Was Upset By Them

A few years ago, MTO and Kanye West had a strong relationship, but it did not last. The collections of West at Madison Square Garden were not well reviewed by the press. Their connection has declined since then.

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4. They Have Revealed Many Big Stories

Mediatakeout disclosed numerous high-profile stories independently, as opposed to reporting merely what others were discussing. Nonetheless, it was felt that other tales could have been uncovered, but the team chose to remain silent.

5. They Are Known For Their Sensationalist Captions

Mediatakeout’s headlines urge viewers to click on the site’s articles. So it appears that the headlines are more interesting than the actual event.

6. Most Of The Stories Come From Insiders

The majority of the tales in The Mediatakeout come from insiders (about celebrities with whom they are close). The source of the news is the staff of celebrities.

7. Mediatakeout Is The Most Visited Urban Website In The World

Mediatakeout is now the most popular urban website on the planet. However, there are sources that support this conclusion.

8. It Is Written In A Blog-Style

The site began as a blog, and the news is currently written in a standard blog format. The text has a rather informal tone and is produced as an individual post.

The Final Verdict

Fred Mwangaguhunga was educated as a lawyer, but he immediately founded Mediatakeout and gained worldwide popularity. In addition, he stated that he would not return to his legal career, even if he was no longer operating Media Take Out.


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