Mangadex.Org Traffic Analytics & Market Share

Market share is an important metric for any business, and especially for online businesses. Knowing your market share gives you an idea of where your business stands in the eyes of potential customers. But how do you actually measure market share? One way is through traffic analytics. provides traffic data for a variety of industries, making it a great tool for measuring market share in the leather industry. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to use traffic analytics to measure your market share and see where you stand in relation to your competitors.

What Is Mangadex.Org?

mangadec is a website that provides traffic analytics and market share information for online publishers. The site offers data on global traffic, regional traffic, search engine positioning, and site content analysis. Mangadex also offers a subscription service that allows users to access detailed reports and graphs monthly.

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How Mangadex.Org Traffic Is Generated?


Mangadex is a leading Indian stock market portal that offers a variety of services such as real-time stock prices, charts, news,Quotes, Investing insights and interactive forums. The website receives a large number of daily visits from users who are interested in trading stocks and other financial products.

The traffic on is generated mainly through the use of search engines. The majority of the site’s visitors arrive via Google (68%), followed by Yahoo! (14%) and Bing (10%). Interestingly, the site’s organic search traffic is much higher than its paid advertising traffic which indicates that Mangadex hasmanaged to build a loyal following among online traders.

Based on our analysis, we believe that the most popular topics on Mangadex are investing tips and stock market trends. It is also worth noting that the site features a comprehensive list of industries such as banking, real estate and technology sectors.

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What Are the Main Sources of Mangadex.Org Traffic? is a website that provides information about mangosteen products and services. The site’s main sources of traffic are from search engine queries, visits from people who are looking for information about mangosteen products, and visits from people who are looking for information about mango products.

What Are the Main Geographical Areas Where Mangadex.Org Traffic Is Generated? is a website that provides information on mangosteen related products and services. The website is mainly focused on the Asia-Pacific region, but it also has pages for other regions. In 2016, had an estimated 181 million global visitors.

The majority of’s traffic comes from Japan (46%), followed by China (15%) and South Korea (10%). Other major sources of traffic include Australia (4%), Philippines (3%), Thailand (2%) and Vietnam (1%).

What Is the Average Time Spent on Mangadex.Org?

mangadec is a website focused on the sale of mangos. The website was launched in 2007 and currently has over 2 million unique visitors per month. In this article, we will look at the traffic analytics and market share for

According to Alexa, is the 16th most popular website in the United States. The website also ranks well in other countries such as Canada (10th), Mexico (21st), and Australia (11th). Interestingly, is not well known in some countries such as China (38th) or Russia (54th). However, despite its lower ranking in these two countries, the website still receives a respectable monthly traffic of 191,000 visitors from China and 247,000 visitors from Russia.

The majority of visits to are made through Google search engines. In fact, over 91% of all visits to the website are from Google search engines. This is not surprising considering that mangadex is an online store focused on selling mangoes. Other popular browsers used to visit mangadex include Microsoft Edge (4%) and Firefox (1%). Surprisingly, Safari usage lags behind with only 0.5% of visits coming from this browser type.

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What Are the Most Popular Articles on Mangadex.Org? is a website that indexes and provides search results for manga and anime content. Mangadex has over 2 million articles and receives around 350,000 unique visitors per month. The most popular articles on are about the anime series ” Attack on Titan “.

Conclusion is a traffic analytic and market share website that provides the public with traffic data and analysis of various industries. mangadex was founded in 2007 and boasts over 2 million monthly pageviews. The site offers a variety of analytical tools, including detailed traffic rankings, industry insights, search engine trends, engagement metrics, and social media analysis.

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