What Is MailTrack & How Does It Work?


Whether you’re sending a marketing email or a message to a sales prospect, being able to watch the email can tell you who got it. Google Workspace accounts, which used to be called G Suite, can use this feature of Google’s email tracking system. MailTrack can be used to add a reading record to Gmail. If you use Gmail for work, you may want to take advantage of this feature.

By adding the MailTrack app to Gmail, the G Suite version of Gmail can do this. This add-on is available for Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. It lets you know when your emails are opened and read.

How Does Mailtrack Work?

MailTrack is a program for keeping track of emails. It uses a pixel-based tracking method to tell you if your emails or messages have been opened and read and how many times. Using the Incoming tracked email indicator, you can tell if someone is watching the email you just got. MailTrack makes email conversation better by letting you know when someone has read your email, just like other messaging apps. MailTrack will let you know in real-time when the people who got your email open it.

MailTrack is a popular email tracker for Gmail that lets you know when your emails have been opened and read. It can keep track of how many times the mail has been opened and how many times it has been clicked on. A single tick means that your email was sent, but the person who got it hasn’t yet opened it. If the email has a double tick, it means that it has been opened.

MailTrack is a free email tracker in the Google Chrome Web Store that lets you track emails for free forever. MailTrack for reading receipts lets you get to the website and sort emails by whether or not they have been “read.” This kind of feature is built into other tools, like SalesLoft and their competitors.

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MailTrack Is An Email Tracking Tool That Is Used By

  • Account managers and sales teams
  • People with direct client relationships
  • Project managers and coordinators
  • Professionals looking for employment
  • Freelancers and Independent professionals

Mailtrack Software respects your privacy and does not share your information with other people. It works perfectly with Gmail and is simple to set up. You can send group emails using their campaigns, which let you send individual copies of your email that can be watched. Lists can help you make email lists and keep track of them.

Email Tracking for Gmail with Mailtrack

How Does MailTrack Work?

You can follow up on leads, partners, and job applications by keeping track of who clicks on and reads your emails. Checking the metrics of email marketing efforts is a good way to make them better and more effective.

  1. Mailtrack is an email tracking tool that comes with a browser extension. The Chrome extension is available on the Google Web Store, and you can install it from there. Once you have added it to Chrome, you have to link it with your Gmail account and set up the process.
  2. When you open the Gmail Interface, you can see the read receipts similar to Whatsapp’s read indicators when you send messages.
  3. This software uses a 1*1-pixel image that embeds into each email you send using Gmail.
  4. When the recipient opens the email, the browser requests to get the image from the server. The server then parses the request and indicates whether your email has been opened or not.
  5. MailTrack tracks every time an email gets opened. By hovering over the receipt icon, you will get the information when the recipient opens the email.

MailTrack signs off on all emails by adding a receipt stamp. On the panel, you can turn it off. When an email tracking tool is used to send an email, a label that says “sent with MailTrack” is added to the email. It lets the person know that the emails are being watched.

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Is MailTrack safe?

People worry most about their privacy these days, and it’s a good question to ask if Mailtrack is safe to use. It is a tool for keeping track of the state of emails and is usually safe to use. But worries about privacy are probably a bigger problem.

MailTrack Allows Users to Have the Following Details About a Sent Email.

MailTrack gives you security for your info and keeps it private. This information is used to make the program better and give users a better time. MailTrack’s Privacy Code of Conduct says that they don’t share users’ information with third parties. It makes sure that data is safe by using security technologies like TLS/SSL that are common in the business world.

MailTrack saves information about the user in Amazon’s service centers. They don’t keep the content of your emails, read them, share them with third parties, or sell your personal information. They treat the information about users in a private way and take the organizational and technical steps needed by the law.

Under the Privacy Code of Conduct, THE MAIL TRACK COMPANY is not allowed to send emails on your account. They will never tell anyone else what’s in your emails or what you do online. MailTrack does not rent or sell the information you give them.

MailTrack follows the rules that the European Union has set up to protect personal information. Your emails and files are private, and they are safe. Here are the specifics of how MailTrack used the permission.

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MailTrack for Gmail

MailTrack for Gmail is a good service for keeping track of emails. It integrates with Gmail to help you send and receive emails better. This connection works so well that you can see when and how many times your emails are opened. Users can find out when someone opens their mail in a number of ways. These things are:

  • Green double-check marks
  • Real-time desktop notifications
  • Sends first open alert via email

How to install Gmail

MailTrack for Gmail is very easy to set up. You must do these things.

  1. Open Chrome and install the MailTrack extension from Chrome web store and click the Add to Chrome button.
  2. Accept all permissions before installing.
  3. Click Connect with Gmail button.

Once you’ve added the MailTrack for Gmail extension from Google, your account is instantly updated. If you can’t find MailTrack in your Gmail account, close and restart the browser.

How to View Email Activities in Gmail

It’s helpful to see what’s going on with email tracking. If people open your email a lot, it means they are interested in what you have to say. With email tracking, you can see when each email was opened and when. With this information, you can learn more and plan how to keep in touch. Businesses like it because they can keep track of when their customers check their email.

Gmail Features

Features Description
Mailtrack Lists Lists allow building mailing lists in Gmail. You can easily track your emails to a specific group of people. Click on the lists option menu to the left of the screen to use Mailtrack lists.
Revival Notifications Revival notifications tell you when someone again reads your email after a certain amount of time. You can enable or disable revival notifications in your settings.
Daily report Mailtrack provides a daily report on the statistics of emails you sent. It gives a report on sent emails, the percentage of clicked links, and the percentage of read messages.
Activity dashboard You can view the stats concerning your tracked emails with the activity dashboard. You can access the dashboard from your system without installing the chrome extension.
1st open email alerts Mailtrack notifies you by email when a recipient opens a tracked email for the first time. You can enable this feature from the settings.
Not opened reminders Not opened reminders send you a notification when someone has not opened an email you sent them. When you activate the opened reminder, you will receive a reminder email after 24 hours of sending an email.
Hot conversations It alerts you when an email has been opened several times over a short period. If it happens, it’s a sign that the recipient is interested in the email content.
Monitor Reply This feature helps you to keep on top of your email communications. It tells you when someone has not replied to your emails. To use the Monitor Reply feature, send an email with Mailtrack.
Real-time email tracking Desktop notifications send you a notification in real-time when someone opens your email. This feature is useful if you want to have real-time tracking for email campaigns.
Click Tracking Feature This feature allows you to know when someone clicks the attached links in emails. Link clicks are indicators that a person is interested in your content. You can check the link tracking report in the dashboard.
Active email indicators Mailtrack sometimes marks some email conversations as active. It tells you which emails are receiving a lot of interest from receivers. If you hover the Green Active text, you can see the explanation in a tooltip, why it’s marked as active.
Mailtrack’s unread emails filter This feature allows users to filter your sent mail folder to display unread emails. It helps you to follow-up with people if necessary.
Incoming tracked emails indicator This feature allows you to know when someone tracks the emails you have received. It  adds a green dot next to the tracked email.

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