Is Lotto.pch a Scam or Legit? Read 8 Reviews!

Lotto.pch Review

The newest member of the Publishing Clearing House family is PCHlotto. If you reside in the United States, you must be familiar with these individuals. They have been in business since 1953, when they began as a one-stop shop for magazines. They employed a sweepstakes marketing strategy to create sales and client contact details. Once on their list, it is nearly impossible to be removed. However, let’s examine their PCHlotto games.

Games at

PCHlotto offers a variety of free-to-play daily lottery games. They promote a variety of games with names such as PCHlotto Twilight, Frostbite Funds, Reindeer Riches, and Seasons Winning. A panel at the top displays what I assume is the available jackpot, with money being added to it as if a clock were ticking away the seconds.

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Concern No. 1 at PCHlotto

Some of the games claim that they are Pick 7s, but when you click to play, you are taken to a Pick 8 game. This is simply careless. advertises that each game offers unique awards, but does not provide a breakdown or description of the actual winnings. They mention daily prizes but do not specify what will be awarded each day.

Concern No. 2 at PCHlotto

When you click on “About PCH,” an advertising appears. It requires two clicks to close this window. I mean “do you really want to miss this chance?” – unquestionably! Yes, you really wish to exit this page. No matter where you go on this website, the message “This page is requesting confirmation that you wish to depart – data you have entered may not be saved” appears. PCHlotto

and Who Can Play is restricted to US and Canadian individuals who “physically reside and are physically located in any country.” It then specifies that Canadians cannot participate in this particular contest, but does not specify where they can. Oh, and Quebec residents cannot participate.

Who is PCH

Publishing Clearing House is a magazine and goods direct marketer. Additionally, they use and sell customer lists. Their direct mail marketing efforts were expanded to include Blingo Inc., Funtank, and Liquid Wireless. Their advertising campaigns feature a Prize Patrol in which televised winners receive a $1 million check or $5,000 every week for life. Blingo, also known as PCH Search and Win, is a search engine where, purportedly, the more you search like you would on Firefox, the greater your chances of winning instant prizes.

Spam and Tracking

How do you evaluate winning opportunities? They are monitoring your movements and viewing habits. They collect and sell this information. To prevent this, I periodically clean my computer’s cache. PCH will do everything it takes to obtain your name and phone number – okay, email address. They will send you adverts and sell your information to third parties. Prepare your Inbox for spam! This is how they generate revenue.

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Complaints at

It’s ironic that there are very few complaints about PCHlotto, but thousands concerning PCH itself. They range from playing their sweepstakes for years without winning to collecting troubles on accounts that have already been paid, as well as broken or ineffective products. The direct concerns against included issues with submitting the real Pick 8 card without making a purchase. They claim that the system requires you to repeatedly enter the same information.


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