Limetorrents Proxy: List of Proxies and Alternatives of Limetorrents

Limetorrents is one of the oldest torrent sites on the internet. Limetorrents has been around for a long time, even before the likes of YTS and Yify torrents. Want to know how you can say whether Limetorrents is old? Just visit their site and you will know. Their user interface is pretty outdated, not as impressive as the new ones that are coming up but the experience is amazing and it has its own loyal set of followings. Due to various piracy issues, unfortunately, Limetorrents was banned and taken down in several countries as it uploaded movies and tv shows without any copyright permissions. Its loyal following has been continuously looking for a proxy since its shutdown. 

Why is Limetorrents preferred by its users:

Unlike many torrent sites out there that upload only movies and Tv shows, Limetorrents here has links for movies, TV shows, games, and various other things. This feature makes Limetorrents extremely user friendly. You can download Movies, TV shows, Anime, Applications, Games, Softwares, and even Music! Isn’t that amazing? This reason alone makes Limetorrents impressive and preferred among the torrent community. Though the interface may not look as attractive as many other websites out there, it is simple enough for the users to understand and navigate. Combining this with its long-lasting reputation, Limetorrents is a gem!

Is it safe to use Limetorrents?

It is understandable if you have doubts regarding whether you should use Limetorrents and its proxies or not because it is a piracy site. No user has ever been charged for using the site or has been in any legal issues. So we can assure you that no user will be harmed if they use Limetorrents. This is the case with almost all sites, every single user cannot be tracked down so the best possible way to control piracy is banning or taking down the site itself, that’s what the government does!

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Limetorrents proxies:

Here is the list of working Limetorrents proxies. You can access them easily if you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Limetorrents Proxy 1
Limetorrents Proxy 2
Limetorrents Proxy 3
limetorrent.ws (USE VPN)
limetorrents.buzz (USE VPN)
Limetorrents Proxy 4
Limetorrents Proxy 5
Limetorrents Proxy 6
Limetorrents Proxy 7
Limetorrents Proxy 8

Some alternatives for Limetorrents:

In case you are not able to access Limetorrents or any of its proxies then here are list of some times that you can use as a substitute for Limetorrents:

  1. YTS: You can use YTS for downloading movies. The user interface is amazing and the recently uploaded movies are displayed on the homepage itself making it easy to navigate.
  1. Yify: Yify is similar to YTS where you can download movies. Though the interface may not be as good as YTS, it is still pretty easy to navigate.
  1. Piratebay: Probably the best alternative for Limetorrents because of its flexibility. You can download almost everything from movies, Tv shows to music, just like Limetorrents. Piratebay also has a good reputation among the torrent community.
  1. Zooqle: Zooqle is a pretty new site but the interface and user experience is extraordinary. Not many sites, both old and new, are able to match the satisfaction that it will provide to the users. 
  1. KAT torrents: KAT torrents is once again similar to Limetorrents where you can download almost everything. The user interface is not as attractive as Limetorrents and it is not easy to navigate too but its vast collection of links makes it impressive.

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Whenever you use Limetorrents or any of its proxies it is recommended to use a VPN so that your IP address is protected and also you gain wider access. Limetorrents is safe to use but still beware of shady links! Always look for the ones that are uploaded by trusted users.

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