How to UNZIP Files in Android?

If you don’t know how to open Zip files on Android, you might assume it’s impossible; after all, Zip files are typically connected with desktops and laptops. However, Android can manage them with the appropriate software, which is typically already installed on your phone.

Notably, the below approach uses Google’s own Files app, although it is not the only way to open Zip files on Android. My Files, the file management software preinstalled on modern Samsung phones, certainly functions similarly on other manufacturers’ devices as well.

If you need to open a variety of compressed file formats (7z, gz, tar, rar, cab, etc.) or intend to create your own Zip files, there are numerous applications that give greater versatility. ZArchiver(opens in a new tab) is our top pick.

Nonetheless, the procedures mentioned below should be a quick remedy for any Android 5.0 or later device. Given that Android 5 is seven years old, this should encompass the great majority of mobile devices.

How to open zip files on Android

If you do not already have Files by Google, the first step is to acquire it. Search for it in the Google Play Store on your Android device. Beware of imitations: the authentic logo will bear the creator name “Google LLC.” Once you’ve located the appropriate app, tap “Install.”


how to unzip files in android

2. When you initially use the application, you will be prompted to grant it access to your files. Therefore, tap the blue “Allow” button.

how to unzip files in android

3. This will lead you to the following Android settings page: To return to the application, hit the switch next to “Allow access to all files” and then press the back arrow.

how to unzip files in android

4. Returning to the application, you must now locate your Zip file. If it was emailed to you as an attachment or downloaded from the internet, it’s likely in the “Downloads” area; but, if you can’t locate it, note the magnifying glass search option along the top bar.

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Alternately, you can scroll all the way down to access your internal storage folder by folder, like you would on a desktop computer.

how to unzip files in android

5. Once you’ve found your Zip file, simply tap it.

how to unzip files in android

6. Files by Google will give you a quick summary of everything in the Zip file. If it’s all as expected, tap “Extract.”

how to unzip files in android

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7. A summary of the extracted files is displayed, along with the option to remove the Zip file to conserve space. Select this if you like, and then click “Completed.”

how to unzip files in android

8. And you’re done! The files will display in the same directory as the original Zip file, so simply tap one to view its contents. The three dots on each file’s side allow you to share, rename, delete, and more.


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