How to Transfer Contacts in Android to iPhone

It can be difficult to switch from an Android phone to an iPhone; unlike when upgrading from one Android device to another (or from one iPhone to another iPhone), there is no single, seamless, one-click transfer process.

However, it is not particularly tough. There are a number of methods for transferring contacts from an Android device to an iPhone, depending on whether you’re setting up a brand-new iPhone or simply moving a few contacts to an old iPhone.

Here are four methods for transferring contacts from an Android to an iPhone.

How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone with the Move to iOS app

Apple has developed the Move to iOS software to facilitate the transfer of Android phone data to a new iPhone. The procedure will copy all of your information, including your contacts, calendars, images, and email accounts.

1. Install the Move to iOS app on your Android device.

2. Follow the setup process on your new iPhone until you reach the Apps & Data screen.

3. Choose Move Data from Android.

Screenshot of the Move to iOS app on iPhone.

4. Open the Move to iOS app on your Android.

5. Tap Continue on both devices and agree to the terms and conditions in Move to iOS, then tap Next.

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6. In the Move to iOS app, enter the code that’s displayed on the iPhone.

Screenshot of the enter code screen from Move to iOS app on Android.

7. Follow the instructions to complete the transfer.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to I Phone by Syncing a Google Account

This is an excellent alternative if your Android contacts are stored in a Google account. It is compatible with both new iPhones and those that have already been activated. Simply add the Google account information from your Android to the iPhone.

1. On the iPhone, open the Settings app.

2. Tap Mail and then Accounts

Screenshot of the Accounts screen on iOS with the “Add Account” button highlighted.

3. Tap Add Account and then tap Google.

4. Follow the instructions to add your Google account to the iPhone. It’ll automatically sync all your Google info, including contacts.

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How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone using a VCF file

This is an excellent solution if some of your contacts are not in a Google account, preventing you from syncing accounts, or if you only wish to transfer a few contacts.

1. On your Android phone, open the Contacts app.

2. Tap the three dots at the top right of the screen to open the menu, and then tap Share.

Screenshot of Android Contacts app with the Share option highlighted.

3. Choose the contacts you want to transfer.

4. When you’re done, tap Share.

Screenshot of Android Contacts app with contacts selected and the Share button highlighted.

5. If you only selected one contact, you’ll need to select VCF file. If you selected multiple contacts, VCF is your only choice.

6. Choose how you want to get the VCF file to your iPhone and send the file.

7. On the iPhone, open the VCF file and choose to add the contacts to your iPhone.

Screenshot of the Import SIM Contacts option on iPhone.

13. Choose the account on which you want to store the contacts.

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