How to stop sharing locations without them knowing?

The methods mentioned below will help you to stop being tracked without anyone knowing in your circle and also you can go to spoof your location to make it look like you are somewhere without making it look like where you are, so you are going to be able to pretty much fool anyone and make them think you are somewhere that you are not with the methods mentioned below.

location sharing

How to set this up?

It’s going to work for any device whether Android or iOS. It is completely free to do as well. All you are going to be needing for this tutorial is your mobile device so an android or iOS device and you are going to need this application called “life360 plus plus”.

How does this app work?

Go ahead and open up the app, let’s say you are in a circle and you don’t want to be tracked anymore without the other people knowing that you have left. All you have to do is choose the “spoofer setting “right there, this is basically where the mod or hack happens so we just got to go and tap on it.

Then it is going to say mod settings and these are the two settings that you are going to want to use, so either you disable the tracker which means people in your circle for example it’s your parents that are tracking you when you disable that it go ahead and it will tell them that you could still be tracked but they will have no idea that you have disabled the tracking so they won’t be able to see where you are at all.

If you don’t want to do that you can spoof your location and then you just type in the coordinates or just pick it on the map and it will show them that you are somewhere that you are not. You can go ahead and put it to for example your home or school. To turn it on it is simple you just tap on i.

How to install it?

The first thing you have to do is make sure that your device is ready for the install of the app, by that I mean is go and change some settings on your phone. So if you are using the iOS device, open up the setting app, then go to the “battery” option, then make sure that the low power mode option is turned off. The next step is going to the “general” option, in that go to the “background app refresh” setting and make sure that the “background app refresh” setting is turned on to Wi-Fi and cellular data, that is all the settings you have to change on iOS.

If you are using an android device you have to change some settings as well. Open up the setting app, then go to the battery settings, in battery look for settings that say” battery saver”, make sure you have it turned off. Just make your “battery saver or low power mode” on your android device turned off. If you do not see this setting on your android device or you cannot find it for some reason, you can just skip this step instead of worrying about it.

Now that we have changed setting on iOS and android. We are now ready to download the “life360 ++” app onto your device. This is a tweaked app which means you cannot get it from the app store or Google Play Store, so the only way to download this “life360++” app is actually from a third party store called “” and basically, this website is a tweaked app store and it allows us to download the”life360++” app.

Once you are on the site, go to the search bar and type “Life360++”, then tap on the app icon. Then it is going to say “injection required”, you tap “start” on the injection and now wait for 5 to 15 seconds for this to load. Then it will fully load up and take us to the final part of the install of the app. Now one last step that you have to go ahead and do, that is very important to finalize the download here.

It is going to load up this page saying “missing files, additional files are required for Life360++”, you tap on “Go” and it is going to say “how to install, carefully read instructions of each additional file to unpack them”, and then you will be taken to this page which is going to say “download the additional files below to continue”, you are going to see a bunch of apps on this list and what you have to do will complete every single one of them and once you have done all of them. The life360++ app will be installed.

Three more ways are tested, so you can try any one of them to hide your location.

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1. Turn on Airplane Mode

Airplane mode

If you do not want to share location on your phone, turning on “airplane mode” can do a great favor. On the home screen, swipe down from the top of your phone to bring the control center, here you can see an airplane icon, tap on it, it will turn the icon lights to orange color which indicates that the mode is enabled. Or you can go to the settings and toggle the top block airplane mode to turn it on.

2. Turn ‘share my location’ off

my location

To stop sharing your location to other members on the list on share by location, simply go into your profile and touch find my to disable sharing my location, or touch Privacy in Settings, look for a block that shows location services and you can toggle to disable sharing my location.

3. Stop sharing your location on the Find My app

If you wish to stop sharing your location with the members on finding my app then here is how to do it. Open up your phone and select the find my app, at the bottom corner you can see the “me” icon, tap on it. There, turn the Share my location tab back on to turn it off. You also have the option to change access to my location again for individual members. Tap on the People tab and select a member from the list to stop sharing my location.

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After all, the methods you have used here will come in handy on several different occasions. Try any method to stop location sharing on your phone without them knowing.

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