How to Sign out Of Netflix on Any Device in 2023

how to sign out of netflix

Once you sign in to Netflix on any device, it will instantly remember your sign-in information the next time you use it. But what if you want to switch accounts because you changed your email address or because you no longer want to be friends with someone? Don’t be afraid! Signing out of a Netflix account is easy.

In this post, I show you how to sign out of your Netflix account on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, and TV. Also, if you don’t want to share your Netflix account with anyone else anymore, I’ve given you the steps to do that as well. Find out by reading on.

How to sign out of Netflix on iPhone, iPad, and Android

How to sign out of Netflix on iPhone, iPad, and Android

  1. Open the Netflix app on your device.
  2. Select your profile.
    If your plan has only one account, you won’t see this screen.
  3. Now, tap your profile picture at the top right.
  4. Tap Sign out at the bottom.
  5. Hit Yes to confirm.

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Sign out of Netflix on smart tv

Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, and game devices all use the same steps to sign out of Netflix on a smart TV. To leave,:

  1. Open Netflix.
  2. Go to Menu.
  3. Now, click Get help at the bottom right.
  4. Select Sign out.
  5. Confirm again.

You may see choices like “Reload Netflix” and “Exit Netflix” as you move through the menu. These do not have anything to do with “Sign Out.” They just restart the app and close it, respectively.

How to Logout of Netflix from A Browser

  1. Visit the Netflix website.
  2. Select your profile.
  3. Hover the mouse pointer over your profile icon.
  4. Click Sign out of Netflix.
  5. Now, hit Go now to confirm.How to logout of Netflix from a browser

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Remove the Netflix account from all the devices at once

Yes, Netflix lets you sign out from all of your devices at the same time. Just do the following:

  1. Either visit the Netflix website or open the app on your iPhone or Android device.
  2. Select your Profile → Account.
  3. Scroll down and select Sign out of all devices.
  4. Now, select Sign out to confirm.Remove Netflix account from all the devices at once

You’ll be logged out of every screen except the one you’re on right now. But is there a way to log out of one device and keep the rest from being able to use it? Let’s find out.

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Can I log out of Netflix on one device?

Unfortunately, Netflix hasn’t given you the option to sign out of your account from a certain gadget without being there. Even if you use the choice to sign out of all devices, someone who knows your password can still get into your account unless you change the password. Learn how to do it by reading on.

Change Netflix password

  1. Open Netflix  Account → Change password.
  2. Type your current password and new password.Change Netflix password
  3. After confirming your new password, select Save.

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