How to Share Your Location On Whats App Android & iPhone?

how to share location on whatsapp

If you’re a parent, you may want to know where your child is at all times. Or, if you have a friend who is new to town and likely to get lost, it’s good to know you can always find them again. These are just two reasons why you might want to tell people where you are on WhatsApp. We’ll look at how to use the WhatsApp mobile app to both send your current location and track it in real time.

How to Share Your Location on Whats App (Android)

Tap the Location icon on the WhatsApp app for Android before you share your location.

android mobile location icon

If you have GPS turned on in your privacy settings, you can see where you are right now on a map right away. Tap Send my current location to let your WhatsApp contact know where you are.

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android mobile location map

You can also let your WhatsApp contact track you in real-time for 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours. Choose the one you like best, and the map will update itself as soon as you move.

android mobile share live location

How to Share Your Location on Whats App (iPhone)

The iOS method is mostly the same, but it takes a different path to get to the map.

To tell a WhatsApp contact on your iPhone where you are right now, tap the plus sign to the left of the message box.

whatsapp mobile menu icon

This will pop up a menu. Select Location.

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whatsapp mobile select location
Your screen will now show you a map. If you have GPS turned on in the privacy settings, it will automatically show you where you are on the map, along with a list of businesses and other places you can visit nearby. If your privacy settings don’t let you, you’ll have to type in the address by hand. Tap Send Your Current Location to tell your contact where you are right now.

whatsapp mobile location map
The map will now show up as a message in the chat with your contact on WhatsApp.

whatsapp mobile location sent
If you tap on the map, your contact’s default Map app will open on their phone, where they can zoom in and out to find out more about where you are.

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You could also let someone track you in real time for a certain amount of time. As you move around on the map, they can give you step-by-step directions over the phone or WhatsApp.whatsapp mobile live tracking

To do this, do the same steps as above, and when the map comes up, choose Share Live Location. Then you’ll be asked how long the other person can keep track of you.

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