How to Check the Java Version using CMD on Windows PC?

Today I’ll show you how to use the command line to determine which version of Java is installed on your Windows PC. Best of all, this CMD is compatible with all Windows versions. Java is a computer language that provides a computing platform. It is a product of Sun Microsystems Corporation. Java is a high-level software since it employs English with a specified syntax as its command language.

Java features are:

  • Secure: Java is one of the most secure languages in programming.
  • Portable: It is programmed to be used anywhere on any device and on any operating system as well.
  • Reliable: Since Java is an object-oriented programming language, it is very reliable for programmers.
  • User-friendly: It is easy to use as it is built on C++ with improved and advanced features for seamless operation by the user.

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Steps to Check Java-Version on Windows PC

Let us see how to check the Java version that is installed on your Windows 10 operating system:

1) Click the Windows logo/ start button

2) Type CMD

3) Click on Run as administrator showing on right-hand-side

4) Click Yes when pop-up windows will open
5)  In the command prompt, type below the line and press Enter

java –version

Check Java Version on your Windows PC us Command Prompt

This will show the current Java version along with Runtime Environment as shown above.


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