What Is the Best Way to Hide My Instagram Posts from Someone without Blocking Them?

How To Hide My Instagram Post From Someone Without Blocking Them: Despite the fact that you cannot conceal Instagram photos from someone who follows you, there are ways to do it without blocking them. If you want to know how to hide my Instagram posts from someone without blocking them, you’ve come to the perfect place. Learn how to hide my Instagram post from a certain user without blocking them.

How To Hide My Post From Someone On Instagram Without Blocking Them?

You may feel uncomfortable sharing your personal Instagram photos and videos with others, so you may wish to conceal them or share them with only a select few followers. There are currently no solutions to conceal your posts or stories from certain followers. Instagram permits users to select and manage who sees their posts, as well as whether to show them to certain individuals. In this article, we list the many options for hiding your post or story from certain followers.

Blocking an Instagram Account

Blocking an Instagram account is one of the best ways to avoid a person if you do not want them to see your existing/future posts or stories. Here is what blocking a person will do,

  • On Instagram, When you block someone, they aren’t notified but that individual won’t be able to locate your profile, posts, tags, or stories.
  • Your photos and videos will be removed from their likes, comments, and tags. Unblocking someone will not restore their prior comments or likes.
  • The blocked individuals will be able to see your likes and comments that are shared on public posts.
  • Your chat threads with them will stay in your Direct inbox, but you will no longer be able to communicate with them.
  • You won’t receive any of the messages the blocked person sends you.

How to Hide My Posts from Someone on Instagram Without Blocking Them?

Method-1 (Private Account)

If you are concerned about your privacy, the best option is to make your account private

1) Open the Instagram app.

2) Go to your profile.

3) Click on the three lines at the top right corner of the page.

4) Click on “Settings”

5) Select “Privacy”

6) You will find the “Private Account” toggle button

7) Turn on the toggle button

Your account is now private and only your non-followers cannot see your profile.

Method-2 (Restricting Option)

Restricting an account is not blocking it. If you restrict a person, you are restricting them from viewing your future posts and stories. However, the person will still be able to see your profile and followers count.

1) Find the profile of the person you want to restrict.

2) Click on the three horizontal dots present at the top right corner.

3) Select the “Restrict” option.

4) Confirm the same again.

Method-3 (Archiving posts)

This method does not involve blocking or restricting someone but you still can see the pictures for yourself.

1) Go to your profile.

2) Click on the post you would like to archive.

3) Tap on the three dots found at the top-right corner of the post.

4) Choose the “archive” option.

How to Stop Seeing a Person’s Posts or Stories on Instagram Without Blocking?

Are you irritated by a particular friend’s excessive Instagram posting, but unable to block them? Muting is the optimal choice for you.

You wish you could block that one friend who posts excessively on Instagram, but you cannot. Muting is the optimal choice for you. You can still see posts on a muted user’s profile page and receive notifications about new comments or posts. However, the muted account will be fully oblivious of your actions. You can unmute an account at any time to begin seeing their posts in your feed again.

Head to the person’s profile you want to mute.

2) Click on the “Following” button.

3) Select “Mute” from the list of options.

4) Choose whether you would like to mute their story, post, or both with the toggle buttons.

How to Hide My Stories from Someone on Instagram Without Blocking Them?

Method-1 (Close Friend Option)

1) Click on the three lines located at the top right corner of the screen.

2) Click on the “Close Friends” option

3) Add the ones whom you think can see your stories. Exclude people from who you want your story.

4) Now before you share your story, click on the “Close Friends Only” option.

5) This way only the people you have added to the list can view your story.

Method-2 (Without Close Friend Option)

1) Go to your Instagram profile.

2) Click on “More”

3) Tap “Settings”

4) Tap “Privacy”

5) Click on “Story”

6) Select the “Hide Story From” option.

7) Select the ones you want to hide your story from.

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