How to Hack Pokemon Go Android in 2023

This post discusses four methods for hacking Pokemon GO on devices such as Android and iOS.

The subsequent guide has been divided into two guides. The first section explains how to hack Pokémon GO on iOS, while the second section explains how to hack this game on Android. Additionally, you can view the video instruction.

Part 1. How To Hack Pokémon GO 2023 on iPhone Safely

Even though the iPhone runs iOS, a relatively limited operating system, it is still possible to hack Pokémon GO on the iPhone using certain ways.

1. Use an iOS Pokémon GO Spoofer

How to exploit Pokémon GO? Using a location spoofing tool is one of the finest methods for hacking Pokémon GO on iOS. You can use a location spoofing device to change your location without physically moving.

Tenorshare iAnyGo is software that enables you to alter the GPS location of your mobile device. Once you have completed these steps, your iPhone will pretend to be somewhere else, which should aid your gaming. This section demonstrates how to do it.

  • Download the software from its website and install it on your computer.
  • Open the software and click on Enter.

ow to hack Pokémon GO

Connect your iPhone to your computer and tap Trust on your iPhone.

how to download Pokémon GO hack

Choose the location that you want to pretend to be in and hit Start to Modify.

how to hack Pokémon GO ios

Your iPhone should now pretend to be in your chosen location.

Benefits of this method:

  • Change your current location in a few easy clicks
  • Save your locations to quickly use them later
  • Support for all apps including Pokémon GO
  • Prepare custom routes
  • Do not require installing any app on your iPhone
  • No need to jailbreak your iPhone

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2. Use a VPN service

How can I hack Pokémon GO on my iPhone? Alternatively, one might utilise a VPN service. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it allows you to alter your phone’s IP address, so altering its location. Installing your preferred VPN programme on your device will allow you to spoof your location.

  • Download an app like Expressvpn Pokemon Go to your iPhone.
  • Launch the app and choose a location you want to use.use vpn to fake location in Pokémon GO
  • Your iPhone should now show your chosen location as the phone location.

Benefits of this method:

  • Many location options to choose from
  • Works for all apps that connect to the Internet
  • Easy to use
  • Turn on and off in a single-click

Part 2. How To Hack Pokémon GO 2023 on Android Safely

If you wish to learn how to hack Pokémon GO on Android, please continue reading. There are multiple methods to hack this famous Android game.

1. Use Pokémon GO++ without jailbreak

How do I obtain Pokémon GO hacks? Pokémon GO++ is a moodified version of the original Pokémon GO game, and it allows you to modify the game in ways that were not allowed in the original.

This version can be installed without requiring root access. Here is how to proceed.

  • Uninstall the official Pokémon GO.
  • Head over to the Pokemon GO++ AKA PGsharp page and install it.
  • Launch the Pokémon GO++.

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Benefits of this method:

  • Does not require a VPN subscription
  • Comes with many interesting tweaks
  • Requires no root

2. Use Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free

Fake GPS GO Position Spoofer Free is a Play Store app that allows you to fake your GPS location in Pokémon GO. It is compatible with practically all Android devices and is straightforward to use.

  • Download and install the app from the Google Play Store on your device.
  • Launch the app and search for the location that you want to to hack Pokémon GO on android
  • Tap the play button and the app will start faking your location.

Benefits of this method:

  • Quickly and easily select a location to spoof
  • Works for almost all Android devices
  • You can pause spoofing at any time you want
  • Works for many apps including Pokémon GO


This article should have taught you how to hack Pokémon GO 2023 on your iOS or Android device. Tenorshare iAnyGo is the most secure method for hacking iOS Pokémon Go. Once complete, you will be able to progress through missions and earn rewards more rapidly than previously.


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