How to Fix USB Tethering Not Working in Android?

We must acknowledge that not everyone has WiFi at home. There are still a significant number of users that rely on mobile data for everyday internet use.

WiFi hotspot, USB tethering, and Bluetooth tethering can be used to access mobile internet on a computer.

Each type of connectivity necessitates a unique adaptor. Using a WiFi hotspot, for instance, requires a WiFi adaptor for a PC.

Likewise, if you intend to share the internet using BlueTooth tethering, you would require a BlueTooth adaptor on your computer.

Get USB Tethering Working on Android Phone

iPhone USB Tethering on WLAN Pi - Jiri Brejcha

To address these challenges, we’ve decided to provide some of the most effective solutions for fixing USB tethering troubles on Android smartphones. So let’s examine how to enable USB tethering on Android devices.

1. Using Developer Option

There are currently a variety of third-party USB tethering applications available online, such as USB Tethering, Easy Tether Lite, etc. These applications promise to enable USB tethering on Android smartphones.

To utilise these apps, you must activate the USB Debugging mode. Go to Settings > Software Information > About Phone for this. Tap the ‘Build Number’ seven times in succession to access Developer Options.

Once enabled, the USB Debugging option must be enabled. Then, give these applications a try; they should enable USB tethering on your Android device.

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2. Using ClockworkMod Tether

Well, Android users with root access were aware of ClockworkMod. ClockWorkdMod provides an app that claims to enable USB tethering on mobile devices.

The trial period for the free version of the app is only 14 days. After trial, you must purchase the full version of the software to continue using it.

Download the desktop client of ClockWorkMod and connect your Android to it in order to utilise the application. Once connected, it will automatically connect your computer to the internet.

3. Other Third-Party App

If the aforementioned solutions do not work, you should try the FoxFi application. It is essentially identical to ClockworkMod’s USB tether. You must install a desktop client and link your Android device.

Once connected, it will establish an Internet connection immediately. FoxFi’s additional features, which include Bluetooth tethering, WiFi Hotspot, etc., are a plus.

This article explains how to enable USB tethering on Android. I hope this article was helpful! Please also share with your friends.


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