How to Fix “unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error on Android?

Everybody who has an Android smartphone must have encountered an application or game that ceases to function or crashes repeatedly. Typically, the issue is accompanied by the statement “app has stopped unexpectedly,” and we are left wondering how to resolve it.

Many misconceptions may lead us to conclude that the problem is not always caused by your device, but rather by the programme itself. Fortunately, there are a few ways to cure the dreadful “Unfortunately, the application has stopped operating” error, as well as many others in this situation, as you will see in the following advice.

1. Clear the Cache Fix Unfortunately App Has Stopped

Clear the cache fix unfortunately app has stopped

Clearing an application’s cache is the first step you should do if it has been persistently causing issues. This is the temporary app memory, which can eventually lead to issues.

Importantly, you can perform the cleaning manually at any moment, and doing so will help you fix this highly aggravating issue. To clear the cache, simply navigate to your device’s settings, tap Apps, choose the app, touch Storage, and then hit Clear cache.

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2. Restart the Device

If the preceding procedure did not resolve the error message “Unfortunately, the programme has ceased,” you can attempt a very simple solution: restart your smartphone as soon as the application stops working!

It’s possible that a conflict between the operating system and the application is creating this issue, and turning the device off and on again can help resolve the problem.

3. Update the App

One of the finest things you can do while attempting to fix the message is to highlight the error. Unfortunately, the app has stopped working. If you find that an app is malfunctioning, consider updating it. In many instances, a version of the application may contain bugs that cause it to cease functioning or frequently crash.

When you update your operating system version, it is also normal for some applications to malfunction. This occurs because compatibility with the latest version may not be ideal.

In these times, it is recommended to wait for an update of the software for this new version of the operating system or the app, regardless of whether it is Android or iOS.

4. Uninstall and Install Again

Uninstall and install again fix unfortunately app has stopped

When nothing else works, uninstalling and reinstalling the application is another essential suggestion. This can resolve many internal issues, particularly if any app files have been corrupted, allowing you to remedy the issue and stop receiving the “sorry app has stopped” warning.

Obviously, this can also be caused by an out-of-date app, so keep an eye on the Google Play Store for any updates to it.

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5. Check if The App Has Stopped Being Supported

Lastly, there is a risk that the creators have discontinued support for the application you use. If the app is not profitable or no longer holds the developers’ interest, they might simply cease producing updates.

This becomes a huge issue due to the fact that your system receives new versions, as we said previously. Without compatibility updates for new versions of Android or iOS, the programme may cease to function properly.

In such situations, there is likely nothing that can be done. Our recommendation is to look for an application that can replace the problematic one. Check out the finest free Android applications and the top free iPhone apps on this page.

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