The 9 Best Tools for Fixing iPhone Software Issues

iPhones are the de facto symbol of corporate style. Due to its streamlined form, great features, and a camera that stands out for all the right reasons. Certainly, it is dependable and simple to use, but nothing in the world is flawless. iPhone is not an exception. Occasionally, users may see black, unresponsive displays or, worst of all, an iPhone locked in recovery mode. If you need a rapid solution, you can rely on iPhone fix software or iPhone repair software, which is designed to handle all of your problems. Discover a comprehensive analysis of the nine greatest tools for troubleshooting iPhone software issues.

Part 1: Common iPhone Software Problem

iPhone owners may occasionally encounter iOS issues that require rapid attention. So, before moving on to iPhone repair software, consider the following typical iPhone software issues:

  1. iPhone White Screen of Death- One common problem is the inability to upgrade or jailbreak a phone which can lead to the iPhone White Screen of Death. Mainly, this problem demands a proper hard reset on your iPhone or resolved by booting iPhone in the DFU mode.
  2. iPhone Applications become unresponsive- Apps may fail to respond if the iOS version cannot support the app or the app fails to function correctly. The app freezes, and the user fails to gain access to the same.
  3. iPhone stuck on Apple Logo- There are several reasons why your iPhone gets stuck on the Apple logo, like jailbreak, failed iOS update, etc. In this issue, the iPhone is stuck to the logo and doesn’t operate.

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Part 2: 9 tools to fix iPhone Problems

1. Dr.Fone – System Repair


Dr.Fone – System Repair, a reputable brand, is the most effective iOS repair software on the market. Dr.Fone Repair, crafted by a team of highly qualified experts, guarantees to resolve significant iOS difficulties such as the black screen of death, an iPhone locked in DFU mode or a boot loop, etc. In addition, it protects against the persistent faults that prevent your iPhone from operating normally.


  • Incredibly useful with a user-friendly interface.
  • Ensures to support all the latest versions of iPhones and iPad.
  • No data loss while repairing.
  • Capable of resolving common iOS problems and repairing software.

 2. FonePawiOS System Recovery


FonePawiOS System Recovery is another useful iPhone repair application for addressing iOs-related difficulties. With this app, you may fix some of the most prevalent situations in which the iPhone becomes unresponsive. The software does not function correctly etc.


  • Helpful in resolving iPhone stuck on headphone mode.
  • Ensures that no data is lost while repairing.


  • No provision to exit or enter recovery easily.
  • It cannot work on a PC running below Windows 10.

3. Phone Rescue for iOS


Phone Rescue is a robust iOS System Recovery programme that offers free recovery solutions. It addresses minor difficulties such as a phone that is unable to restart or a black screen. However, Phone Rescue has three recovery ways for retrieving any lost or deleted data type from an iCloud or iTunes backup. Therefore, it functions as iPhone repair software.


  • Excellent in protecting users’ data.
  • Helpful in iPhone data recovery.


  • High Possibility of data loss amidst repairing process.

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4. JoyoshareUltFix(iOS System Recovery)


Joyoshare is a free iOS repair application, similar to many others on the market, that helps get your phone back on track. JoyoshareUltFix puts iPhone/iPad into recovery mode with a single click. In addition, it offers consumers a simple and straightforward method for resetting an iPhone stuck on iOS.


  • It is pretty compatible with the latest iPhone and iOS versions.
  • It helps in updating the OS of one’s iPhone.


  • Minimal features in the trial version.
  • The tech support takes longer to resolve the queries of the customers.

5. iSkysoft Toolbox – Repair(iOS)


As with any other free iOS repair programme, iSkysoft Repair (iOS) focuses on resolving common iOS issues. It recovers your iPhone/iPad if it is stuck on the Apple logo or in recovery/DFU mode and restores your device to its usual state.


  • No risks associated, no data loss either.


  • Sometimes, the software fails to repair the phone.

7. PrimosynciOS System Recovery


PrimosynciOS System Recovery is another significant iOS system recovery application. As with the majority of other software, it delivers dependable answers to software-related problems.


  • Helpful in resolving common issues.


  • It is not a free iOS repair software.
  • Features and functionalities are limited.

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8. TuneskitiOS System Recovery


TuneskitiOS System Recovery is an effective iOS repair application. It has been designed to solve all iOS-related issues.


  • Recovers 20 different kinds of data types.


  • The trial version does not permit saving the files.
  • Expensive compared to contemporary software.

9. FoneLab- iOS System Recovery


FoneLab-iOS System Recovery, the final item on our list, is a valuable iOS system recovery application that may resolve multiple iOS-related issues. It restores your phone to its normal state.


  • Capable of recovering software issues of iPhone, iPod, etc.


  • The trial version excludes the feature of file recovery.


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