10 Tips to Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode Like a Pro!

Does your iPhone remain in headphone mode even when no headphones are connected? If you answered “yes,” then you have arrived at the correct location. Recently, some people have reported that their iPhone is locked in headphones mode even though it is not connected to anything. This post will introduce you to ten simple solutions for an iPhone stuck in headphone mode. Then why are you still waiting? Let’s repair the headphone mode problem on the iPhone!

Part 1: Why is the iPhone stuck in Headphones mode?

iphone headphone mode

Before we tell you how to fix an iPhone that is stuck in headphone mode, it is vital to understand why this issue happens. Frequently, it is caused by a hardware-related issue. While there could also be a software-related issue, 99.9% of the time an iPhone is stuck on headphones due to a malfunctioning headphone jack.

If there is debris or grit in the socket, there is a potential that your phone will assume headphones are connected. This immediately activates the headphone mode and affects the device’s functionality. There are thankfully numerous ways to solve an iPhone 11 stuck in headphone mode. This is covered in the following section.

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Part 2: 10 Tips to fix iPhone stuck in Headphone Mode

If the iPhone’s headphone mode is activated without headphones being connected, you can resolve this issue by implementing the following recommendations.

1. Restart your phone

restart iphone

If your device has a software-related problem, it can be simply remedied by restarting it. Simply hold the Power (wake/sleep) button on your device or simultaneously press the power button and the Volume down/up button until the power option appears. Slide it to power down your gadget. Wait a few seconds, then restart your device. It will allow you to easily fix an iPhone stuck in headphone mode.

2. Remove your phone’s cover


Too often, the iPhone case might cause the smartphone to become locked in headphone mode. This typically occurs when the headphone connector is not precisely cut into the casing. Therefore, remove the device’s case or cover and confirm that the headphone icon is still shown.

3. Clean the headphone jack properly

clean iphone headphone jack

As said, the headphone jack is typically broken when the iPhone becomes trapped on headphones. This problem can also be brought on by an accumulation of trash. Therefore, you should thoroughly clean the headphone jack. With the use of a cotton rag, blow multiple times. You can also clean the socket using compressed air. Ensure that you do not apply water directly to the jack while cleaning it. Using cotton swabs to clean it is one of the most effective methods.

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4. Plug and Unplug the Headphones

unplug iphone headphone

There could potentially be a problem with your phone’s hardware. Simply plug in your headphones and wait a few moments for your phone to recognise them. Unplug the headphones gently once the task is complete. You may need to repeat this several times for this trick to work. After repeating this process three times, your phone will exit headphone mode.

5. Check for water damage

check for water damage

The headphone jack is one of the most exposed parts of the iPhone, and it is susceptible to accidental damage. If you run or exercise while listening to your favourite music, there is a possibility that sweat will enter the headphone jack and cause harm. Even if it is in your pocket, excessive humidity can damage your phone.

Try to drain your device while looking for water damage to remedy this issue. You can always set silica gel dehumidifiers on your phone, or you can even store them in a jar of unwashed rice.

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6. Plug headphone while playing music

plug in headphone

This is one of those generally effective professional tips for fixing an iPhone 11/ iPhone 12/ iPhone 13 that is stuck in headphone mode. Start by playing a song on your phone and allowing it to lock automatically while it is playing. Now, connect your headphones and unlock your device. Stop the song manually and unplug the headphones properly. This will allow the phone to exit headphone mode.

7. Turn on/off Airplane Mode

toggle airplane mode

This is a quick and simple solution to exit iPhone headphone mode without difficulty. If your device’s headphone jack is intact, simply activate the aeroplane mode. Swipe up to reach the Control Center and activate the Airplane mode option. Allow it to sit for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Turn it back off and use your phone without difficulty.

8. Connect It with A Bluetooth Speaker

check bluetooth speaker

By pairing your iPhone with a Bluetooth device, it has been noticed that you can exit iPhone headphone mode. To accomplish this, activate Bluetooth from the Control Center or Settings.

Play a music after connecting it to a Bluetooth speaker. While the song is playing, disable Bluetooth on your mobile device. This will resolve the issue when your iPhone is stuck in headphone mode.

9. Update to a stable iOS versionupdate ios version

There may also be an issue with your iOS version. If it is not a stable version, it can cause significant problems with your device. Therefore, it is strongly advised that it be updated. In addition to resolving the issue with your iPhone being stuck on headphones, it will also cure any other persistent issues with your device. Go to Settings > General > Software Update and tap “Download and Install” to download and instal the latest iOS update. You can also learn more about updating iOS with or without iTunes on this page.

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10. Reset All Settings

reset all settings

If none of the aforementioned alternatives seem to work, you can reset your device’s settings to factory defaults. Obviously, it will remove all of your phone’s current settings. However, it may also solve the issue of an iPhone locked in headphone mode. Simply navigate to Settings > Reset > Reset All Settings and enter your PIN. Your phone’s settings will be reset and it will restart in regular mode.


Follow these instructions to resolve the issue when your iPhone is stuck on the headphones. In this article, we have addressed both hardware and software-related repairs, which will come in handy on multiple occasions. If you have a solution to the iPhone headphone mode problem, please share it with us in the comments section.


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